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Squirrels News - 18th June 2021

Our story book topic this week has been Superhero Dad by Tim Knapman in the lead up to Father’s Day on Sunday. The story encouraged us to to think about and discuss all the funny and incredible things our dads do for us. It was lovely to hear all of the special times, events and activities that the children enjoy doing with their Daddy.

This Squirrels have enjoyed taking part in the British Nutrition Foundation’s ‘Healthy Eating Week’ where the focus was ‘finding a healthier you’. Throughout the week the children have explored eating a balanced diet, beginning with a group discussion of our favourite fruits and vegetables. Our community walk took us shopping where we purchased a range of products that fit within the ‘Eatwell’ plate. The children were split into small groups and given a list of items to search for. They had to work as a group to discuss which aisles they thought each item would be before collecting all our items at the self checkout. The children worked excellently together and supported each other in finding the items. On Tuesday the children had a food tasting activity where they described the look, feel, texture and tastes of the foods and rated them from 1-3 in order of how much they liked them.

Luckily the weather stayed dry for us on our Outdoor Learning Day and we ventured out for some pond dipping! We divided the children into small groups around the pond and the children demonstrated and excellent understanding of safety around the water; being sensible and listening to instructions. We noticed that there was lots of rubbish in the ponds which was sad to see. We discussed what people should have done and how the rubbish could be retrieved as well as its impact on the environment and wildlife. We found a selection of creatures throughout the morning, including water lice, water boatmen, water snails and even a tiny fish! The children used the pond dipping identification sheets to identify which creatures we had found making sure to pay close attention to their body shape, colour and the number of legs they had. We discussed the need to put all the animals back where we found them, doing so gently and with care.


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