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Kits News - 5th February 2021

This week our topic book was The Hug by Eoin McLaughlin and Polly Dunbar which is two stories in one. One story is about a hedgehog who wants a hug and the other is about a tortoise who wants a hug, but neither of them can find someone who wants to hug them as the tortoise is too hard and the hedgehog is too spikey. In the end they find each other in the middle of the book and find out that they are perfect to hug each other! The topic book has provided a great platform and reference point for us to continue to teach our Classroom Principles including making sure we show 'Kind Hearts’ and ‘Gentle Hands’ to those around us.

During our Communication and Language Focus Time we talked about how people can have their feelings hurt on the inside even if they don’t look like it on the outside. We represented this through demonstrating how an apple bruises on the inside when you drop it on the floor, even though it looks no different on the outside. We spoke about times when we had been happy or sad and how we can look after others when they might be upset or have hurt feelings.

During our Maths Focus Time, we focused on counting and created our own resources from cardboard and bottle tops. The children used tweezers to pick up pom-poms to place in the bottle lids before counting how many they had in total. This activity was a little challenging for some but everyone used great concentration and perseverance to carefully transfer the pom-poms. During our Science Focus Time, we learnt about magnetism and used this an an opportunity to explore which materials and objects were magnetic in our classroom. The children loved exploring their environment with the magnets and found that they stuck to the cabinets, radiators and table legs.

The children have made the most of their time playing outside despite the cold and wet weather. They particularly enjoyed washing the babies in the messy tray and we plan to extend their interest in the babies next week when the role play area will be set up as a ‘Baby Day Care’. Inside the classroom the cars and jungle track have been a big hit with the Kits who have enjoyed taking the cars on lots of journeys and adventures.

We have continued to teach the children phonics through the Animaphonics scheme which has songs, actions and online resources to accompany each phoneme. During our one to one sessions and Focus Times, the children have been able to practise writing their letters through the Animaphonics online resources, as well as the worksheets.


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