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Kits News - 30th April 2021

The Kits had a great week this week learning all about Space. We read the topic books Goodnight Spaceman by Michelle Robinson and Nick East and Space Song Rocket Ride by Sunny Scribens, which also has a song to accompany it. These offered a great introduction to the topic and opened up discussion around the moon, stars, rockets and our galaxy!

During Drama we re-enacted boarding a space ship and flying to other planets. It has been. lovely to see the children continuing this imaginary play in our role play area which was set up as a space station for the week. They have loved wearing the dress up space helmets and taking turns to control the computer on the ‘flight deck’. In our Communication and Language focus time we learnt about how the planets go around the sun and the children each had a turn to be the sun in the middle with their friends orbiting around them.

In Maths we focused on number recognition through a Space themed activity. The children threw their rockets from the top of the climbing frame to a series of numbers written on the floor below them. They then had to find and read which number their rocket had landed on.

In Science we explored our understanding of the moon and learnt how craters are made through an activity with small balls and flour. The children loved the impact when they dropped small balls into the tray of flour and were fascinated by the craters they left behind. This then inevitably developed into a sensory activity as we explored the texture of the flour with our hands and described what it felt like.

In the Outdoor Learning Environment our new ‘mud kitchen’ has been a real hit with the children and they have loved making potions and soups with the water, stones, leaves and petals. Finally at the end of the week we developed our fine motor skills as we played with the kinetic sand, moulding and squeezing it with our hands.


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