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Kits News - 28th May 2021

The Kits topic book this week was Stuck by Oliver Jeffers. In the book, a little boy called Floyd gets his kite stuck up in a tree - He tries to free his kite by throwing up a shoe but that gets stuck too. So Floyd decides to throw up other things which get stuck including a ladder, the kitchen sink and a whale, amongst other things! The children loved this book which had many of the Kits giggling away.

We started the week by getting sticky ourselves as we baked bread. The children helped to measure the flour, yeast and water, using the jugs to carefully measure the ingredients out to the correct line. We then got stuck in, using our hands to mix the dough together and kneed it. The Kits strengthened their hand muscles as they poked, rolled and squashed the dough and we all agreed it smelt delicious as it was baking.

While in the Outdoor Learning Environment this week we have made the most of the changing weather, finding lots of creative ways to explore our natural environment. We explored waterfalls and rain drops on the wet days and enjoyed playing with the sand and water on the warm sunny days. The children loved our new guttering and drain pipe stands and enjoyed pouring water down the tubes to wash the petals, leaves and sycamore seeds to the bottom. Our new mud kitchen continues to be a success and the children have not only re-enacted familiar events with it such as mealtimes but have also extended their imagination by making potions, one of which I was told would turn people into “Witches and monsters.”

During our Maths Focus Time we explored weight with the scales, testing out which items were light and which ones were heavy. We made predictions before testing out the objects on the scales for ourselves! This was extended again in the Outdoor Learning Environment where the children described the wet sand as being “heavy.” In our Communication and Language Focus Time we focused on recognising the initial letters in our names and the older children continued to develop their phonics by using the Animaphonics pictures, rhymes and actions.

On Thursday the Kits were very excited to go on a sponsored 'Scavenger Hunt' to raise money for Ella’s Home. We based the hunt around our topic book Stuck and the children hunted around the classroom, Outdoor Learning Environment, stairwell and dance studio to find pictures of the objects that got stuck in the tree. Once they found all of the pictures they brought them back to the classroom and stuck them in our own tree. Well done Kits!


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