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Kits News - 26th March 2021

The Kits have had a great last week of term. Our topic books have been What Small Rabbit Heard by Sheryl Webster and Tim Warnes, and Where’s Bear? by Emily Gravett. Both of the books contain rabbits and hares and this linked well with our conversations about Easter and the ways we celebrate it!

We have been busy making Easter crowns and Easter baskets in preparation for our our Easter Egg Hunt on the last day of term. The children made a range of beautiful crowns, covered in colourful paper, paint and feathers! The children were very excited to wear their crowns during our Easter egg hunt in the Outdoor Learning Environment and were thrilled to find little soft toys inside each of the eggs. In our physical activity on Monday the children developed their gross motor and listening skills as they completed an obstacle course, crawling underneath the tables and jumping through the hoops.

In Maths we continued to develop our counting skills through the games ‘Hide and Seek’ and ‘What’s the Time Mr. Wolf’. The children picked up the rules of the games very quickly and it has been lovely to see them choosing to play the games independently with each other in Free Play. In our Communication and Language Focus Time we focused on developing our listening skills. We made shakers containing different materials such as salt, rice and gravel to experiment with the different sounds different objects make. The children listened carefully to the sounds they made and compared them to each other matching the ones that sounded the same.

In Cookery we made Easter shortbread biscuits. The children got their hands messy as they rubbed the flour and butter together to make the dough and then used the rolling pins and cutters to cut the biscuits into egg, bunny and chick shapes. We discussed the different textures of the ingredients and watched how the textures changed once they were mixed together into a soft dough. The biscuits smelt delicious and everyone was very excited to take them home. As well as preparing for Easter the children have enjoyed engaging in our messy play activities. They especially liked experimenting with the shaving foam using plastic cars and scrapers to make different tracks and marks through the foam. Using larger gross motor movements to make marks helps to develop the children’s arm strength which helps prepare them for their future writing.


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