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Kits News - 26th February 2021

This week our topic book has been It’s Not Yours, It’s Mine! by Susanna Moores. The book is based around sharing and has provided us with a great platform to focus on taking turns with the children. During our Drama session on Monday we played a circle game where each child took a turn to act or dance in the middle of the circle. During Art we worked as a team to paint a picture together, sharing the paper and taking home one part of the painting each. We also took turns as when playing pass the parcel’ during our Communication and Language Focus Time. This game provided a great opportunity to encourage the development of the children's ability to listen to instructions as well as to share the resources. In each layer of the parcel were rhyming objects and the children then helped make up silly rhymes with the objects they found.

The Kits have loved the warmer weather this week and have made the most of climbing on the climbing frame in the Outdoor Learning Environment. They have also played with the different materials in the outdoor messy tray, including large polystyrene blocks which the children used tools to hammer golf tees into. We have also had the opportunity to facilitate some of our Focus Time activities in the Outdoor Learning Environment as we counted jumps, steps and other actions during our Maths Focus Time as well as exploring floating and sinking during Science.

The children have continued to participate enthusiastically in our daily physical activities and have particularly enjoyed our parachute games, dancing sessions and Sports with Coach Pedro. During all these activities the children are not only developing their gross motor skills but also engaging in physical activity which supports a healthy lifestyle. The Kits have also been developing their listening skills and ability to follow instructions as well as learning to take turns with and share the resources.


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