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Kits News - 25th June 2021

The Kits have had a great week this week and the highlight was definitely our ‘behind doors’ Sports Day in the church on Wednesday. The children thoroughly enjoyed the event and all of them participated with enthusiasm. We started with a running race and then moved onto the hat race, potato and spoon race and then onto the bean bag throw! The highlight of the event were the relay races where the children had the chance to work as a team. In one race the groups had to work together to stick their pictures to a board to complete collages of flowers and faces and in our 'Space' themed race, the Fledglings had to throw DT rockets through ‘black holes’. The children all wore their coloured team T-shirts and after the event we relaxed and celebrated with a medal ceremony and best of all, fruit-based rainbow ice lollies!

For the rest of this week, leading up to Sports Day we were busy putting the finishing touches on the props by painting 3D rockets and planets and sticking the large boards together.

We have been extremely lucky to receive some caterpillars which we have loved watching getting bigger and bigger over the past few weeks. The caterpillars have now made cocoons around themselves and we are patiently waiting for them to hatch. We have been discussing the life cycles of caterpillars and the Kits are excited to see them turn into butterflies! We have also been reading The Hungry Caterpillar at Circle Time and have enjoyed using the props from the story sack to help retell the tale.

Our Role Play area has been set up as a 'Doctors Surgery' and it has been lovely to see the children using a mixture of their own experiences and imagination to extend role play scenarios together. There have been lots of temperatures being taken and the doctors have been busy applying bandages and plasters to each other and the dolls. It has been a great opportunity for the children to develop their social skills and imagination as well as extending their language as they create a narrative to their play.

In Cookery we continued to learn about healthy eating by making a delicious vegetable salad. The children all used knives to cut the carrots, broccoli and potatoes into small pieces before placing them in a bowl with the sweetcorn. We discussed textures and tastes and the children all gave their opinion as to whether they liked the vegetables or not.


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