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Kits News - 21st May 2021

This week our topic books were What If We Were All the Same! By C.M. Harris and A Colour of His Own by Leo Lionni. The books celebrate differences and diversity and it has been a great platform for the children to start to learn about their sense of identity and to celebrate their uniqueness.

In Drama we focused on personal choices and developed the children’s self-confidence as they took turns to act, dance or jump in front of their peers. In our Communication and Language Focus Time we explored ourselves further by looking at our reflections in the mirrors and describing our features.

In Art we extended this our observations of ourselves by painting self-portraits, concentrating on trying to observe our different features and translating this on paper. In Cookery we practiced making self-portraits out of foods, using rice cake for ‘faces’ and hummus, olives and peppers to help with eyes, noses and big smiles!

Our role play area has been set up as a supermarket and the children have enjoyed buying and selling goods to each other. It has been great to see the Kits bringing their Mathematical language into their imaginary play and working together to run the supermarket smoothly!

While playing outside this week the weather has been a little wet but we have still been busy making potions and soups with the flowers and water in the outdoor kitchen. The wet weather has also had the benefit of bringing out the ‘minibeasts’ in the Outdoor Learning Environment. The children have been fascinated by our new outdoor friends and have enjoyed observing the snails and woodlice we found.

The highlight of the week however, has to be the addition of our new school dwarf hamster. The children have been very excited by its arrival and have each had a turn at carefully holding it in its ball. They have been fascinated at watching the hamster run around its wheel and enjoyed taking it in turn to feed him food. We have discussed what we need to do to look after and care for our new Nursery friend and the children have learnt quickly to be careful with its cage. They decided as a group what to call it and the chosen name was ‘Mr Hamster’. Welcome to the Kits Mr Hamster!


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