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Kits News - 1st October 2021

The Kit’s topic book this week was Rabbit’s Nap by Julia Donaldson. In the book Rabbit is trying to find somewhere cosy and quiet to sleep but keeps getting interrupted by all her friends who are busy making noise and doing work. The story has captured the children’s interest with its ‘lift up flaps’ and rhymes and has been a great platform to discuss bedtime routines, feelings and what to do when we feel tired.

The children have shown an interest in the DT table in previous weeks so we decided to incorporate this into our Art activity. The Kits used a variety of buttons and materials such as ribbon, velvet and cotton wool to decorate their own blankets and this led to great discussions around textures and the different properties of materials. We extended this during our Communication and Language Focus Time where we played a game of ‘What’s in the Box’ and the children all had a turn to pull out a different material. Once they had a retrieved their materials they had to use different describing words to tell us what it felt like. The Kits all used a range of adjectives to describe their materials including 'rough', 'bumpy' and 'soft'. They loved singing the song to the game and made wonderful collages of the different materials on their activity sheets afterwards.

We continued to explore the properties of materials in our Focus Time activity where we made lavender bags. We discussed what they smelt like and developed the children’s fine motor skills as they picked up the small flowers with a pincer grip and carefully placed them into their bags.

During Maths we focused on counting and recognising small numbers as we played with the glass gems. We supported the children in learning how to line the gems up in a row to make them easier to count and practiced pointing to the gems one by one to make sure we counted each one in turn and didn't miss any. We also supported the children’s ability to recognise small quantities by sight by asking them to give us one or two gems at a time.

It has been great to have our new Kits start to join us on our Community Walks and this week we went on a ‘Listening Hunt’, walking quietly to see what we could hear. All the children walked beautifully, holding onto the rope tightly and we were very excited to hear cars, birds and motorbikes.


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