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Kits News - 19th November 2021

The Kits have had a wintery and wet week this week as we have been busy starting our Christmas preparations and learning about Winter and what changes we can expect to see.

To continue our winter theme, during Art we set to work with painting wintery snowflake pictures. The Kits created some beautiful pieces of artworks where they experimented with painting, printing with snowflake cutters and sprinkling white and silver glitter on top!

In the Outdoor Learning Environment, we have been busy re-enacting everyday home events such as washing the babies in the messy tray and hanging up the socks to dry on the washing line. These activities not only support the children’s social and communication skills and language development as they engage in role-play with their friends and teachers but they also support to refine their fine motor skills as they use the sponges and cloths and squeeze the pegs.

Playing with the water outside led to conversations about hot and cold and how the seasons change. In response to the Kits' interest in temperature we decide to extend our learning further during our Science Focus Time where we learnt about ice and the melting process. During the activity, the children were given the task of trying to release the creatures which were frozen in the ice. It provoked critical thinking as we hypothesised about what we would need to do to free the animals. After some discussion, we all agreed that the best way to free the animals would be to try and melt the ice around them. The children then used scoops and pipettes to pour warm water over the ice to slowly melt it and free the animals inside. The activity was so popular with the children that we extended it in Free Play. We used different sized pieces of ice to create a large frozen ocean with different sea creatures trapped inside them, in need of the Kits to rescue them!

In our Outdoor Learning Environment this week we have also had great fun playing with the guttering. We experimented with rolling different objects down, such as balls, conkers, pinecones and cars. We noticed that the objects travelled down the guttering at different rates and this led on to a great conversion about speed and friction and we learned that different objects move at different rates. On Friday we extended this by setting up a ‘bulls-eye’ on the tough spot where we developed our number recognition as we rolled different objects down the guttering and eagerly watched to see which number they would land on!


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