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Kits News - 18th June 2021

The Kits have had a good week this week and, as well as celebrating the British Nutrition Foundation’s ‘Healthy Eating Week’, we have been busy preparing for Father’s Day and Sports Day.

For Sports Day we have been practicing for our races and the children are developing their listening skills as they wait for the “Ready, steady, go!” before setting off for each of the races. For Father’s Day we have been making cards and presents and talking about our Daddies in our Father’s Day video. It has lovely been hearing the Kits discuss the special times they have spent with their Daddies and all the things they do to make them laugh.

To celebrate ‘Healthy Eating Week’ we have been learning about healthy foods. One of the highlights of the week was our food tasting activity where we ‘tasted the rainbow’ through a selection of different fruits and vegetables. The children loved talking about the colours and tastes of the fruits and vegetables and bravely tried, smelt and licked the foods they were not familiar with.

We have continued to have fun in the Outdoor Learning Environment and as well as climbing on the climbing frame the children have spent time drawing and reading in the shade. We have also cooled down by playing with ice and the children have developed their fine motor and problem-solving skills through experimenting with scoops and pipettes to pour and squirt water onto the ice and slowly free the animals frozen inside.

Our role-play area this week has been set up as a ‘Baby Day Care’ and we have been caring for the babies’ needs. We have a few new big brothers and sisters in the Kits who have loved re-enacting their parents’ activities and showing the other children how to feed and change the babies’ nappies.

Some of the older Kits were very fortunate to be invited to Jefferson’s in Balham for a free babyccino and a tour of the kitchen this week. We walked to the shop with the children, where the held onto the rope and showed great listening skills. Once we arrived, they sat nicely in the booth and enjoyed sharing experiences of eating ice cream as they drank their babyccinos. They listened very intently to the chef explain how ice cream was made and asked some wonderful questions with regards to where the different ingredients come from and which ice cream flavour was her favourite.


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