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Kits News - 15th October 2021

The Kits have had a great week this week. We have been learning about different musical instruments throughout the week and the highlight has been our Musical Workshop on Wednesday in the church. During the workshop the children had the opportunity to listen to what sounds a flute, oboe, violin, trumpet and a tuba make when played. We discovered that the tuba was very loud and the children were able to feel the vibrations of the sound as they touched the instrument while the musician blew into it. We were lucky enough to hear the musicians play a selection of classical music by composers such as Rossini, Vivaldi and Ravel as well as some of our favourite nursery rhymes such as ‘The Wheels on the Bus’ and ‘Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star’.

We continued to explore musical instruments throughout the week and in Focus Time we had lots of fun getting the chance to play a selection of different instruments including drums, shakers and a ukulele. The children loved exploring the different sounds that they made and we developed our listening skills by practicing playing them quietly, loudly as well as by playing a simple rhythm.

After feeling the vibrations of the tuba during our musical workshop we were curious to see what vibrations other objects and instruments made. So, in Science we used the instruments to expand our learning and understanding of how sound waves and vibrations work. We watched how sound can make objects shake as we made rice jump on clingfilm by banging a drum. The children loved watching the rice jump up and down as they hit the drum and learnt about cause and effect as well as how sound waves work.

During our Art activity we explored noise by making ‘Noisy Collages’ using a variety of different materials such as bubble wrap, packing paper and tin foil. As the children stuck the materials onto the paper we listened to the noises that they made and introduced language such as ‘pop’, ‘crinkle’ and ‘scrunch’.

Our Community Walks continue to be popular with the children and we have explored our local environment this week with the challenge of searching for numbers and letters. The children were so excited when they found the first letter from their names and loved proudly pointing them out to their friends!


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