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Kits News - 12th February 2021

This week the Kits have had great fun celebrating Chinese New Year which acted as the theme for your activities this week.

During Drama we watched a traditional Chinese Dragon dance before learning how to do the dance together by using coloured scarves. This was a great activity to develop our gross motor skills by waving the scarves in the air while dancing to Chinese Music. During our Circle Times we have been reading stories about Chinese New Year and the children loved looking at the real Chinese Lion head we have at nursery. It was a great opportunity to learn about different cultures and link back to our teaching of ‘British Values’, which we teach as part of our curriculum.

During our Maths Focus Time, we practised our counting skills as we played with gold coins in playdough. We extended our learning outside the classroom where we hunted for coins in the Outdoor Learning Environment. As well as learning about Chinese New Year we have also explored Chinese script both through our art and our Communication and Language Focus Time. The children have had the opportunity to create their own Chinese symbols using fine paint brushes and black paint as well as through mark-making in sand using chopsticks.

During our Cookery Focus Time, we created a Chinese rice dish and the children developed their hand strength as they used knives to cut a range of cooked vegetables. They enjoyed eating their rice dish once finished and we talked about which of the vegetables were their favourites. During our Fine Motor Skills Focus Time the children developed their hand muscles further by using a variety of scissors to cut paper to make Chinese lanterns

The Kits have also spent time exploring a selection of ‘Practical Life’ and ‘Finger Gym’ activities this week. The activities provide the children with a range of fine motor challenges such as posting matchsticks through small holes, threading pipe cleaners through a colander, transferring objects using tweezers and twisting pot lids on and off. The children have been extremely engaged with these activities which provide an excellent opportunity for the children to challenge themselves. They are also a great way for the children to develop their fine motor skills as well as their concentration focus and perseverance! It is lovely to see how proud the Kits are when they succeed in these challenges. In response to the children's interest last week in washing the babies outside we decided to set up the role-play area as a baby day care where the children have loved dressing, wrapping, feeding and caring for the babies. 

The highlight of the week however, has been the cold weather and the snow in the Outdoor Learning Environment! The children have been very excited to explore the icicles on the climbing frame and take part in snowball fights. We experimented with making snow angels and even made a very small snowman! We all kept warm while outside by jumping and running around and we haven’t let the cold weather stop us enjoying the fresh air!


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