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Kits News - 11th June 2021

The Kits have had a great first week back after the half term and have been busy preparing for our Sports Day which will be taking place on 24th June on Wandsworth Common. We have been practising our races during Sports and the children have been very excited to show us how fast they can run.

We have also been preparing for our Sports Day relay races during Art where the children have been making paper mâché models and painting large pieces of paper with the sponges.

After all our hard work, practising running fast and walking slow during our races we decided to expand our understanding of speed further in Maths. We set up an acitivty with the toy cars and the children had great fun sending the cars down a sloped guttering. We made predictions and experimented with trial and error to see if the gradient of the slope made the cars go faster or slower.

In our Literacy Focus Time, we practised writing our names and initial letters in glitter trays as well as drawing circles and lines to support our gross motor movements.

We have loved the hot weather this week and made the most of it by playing with the water in the Outdoor Learning Environment. We’ve made lots of delicious soups and magical potions with the water and used the guttering and water mill to observe how water flows.

We explored the properties of materials with water in more detail during our Science Focus Time where we experimented with sinking and floating. We took the activity further by making boats from tin foil before placing them in the water. The children were given the challenge of seeing how long the boat would last floating in the water once more objects were places inside; they paid close attention to any changes in the boat and counted how many objects they could put inside them before they started to sink.

On Friday the children were very engaged in our ‘Write Dance’ session where they used gross motor movements to act out stirring a pot of porridge before re-enacting the same movements with chalks on the floor. Drawing with larger, whole arm, movements helps to develop the children’s gross motor skills and core body strength, which then goes on to support the development of their fine motor skills.


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