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Kits News - 5th March 2021

The Kits have had a great week this week celebrating World Book Day. The children loved dressing up as their favourite book characters on Friday and we enjoyed listening to each other’s favourite stories during our Literacy Focus Time. We have been celebrating books and stories throughout the week and revisited some traditional tales and nursery rhymes using the puppets in Drama.

It has been wonderful to see the children's engagement with books and the Kits have loved independently re-telling parts of their favourite stories. The children were independent in their storytelling of the the traditional tales with some of the older Kits being able to re-enact the story of the ‘Three Little Pigs’ independently. In our Maths Focus Time we completed jigsaw puzzles with nursery rhyme characters on them and also explored the wooden inset puzzles and Montessori Knobbed Cylinders.

During Cookery the children were excited to make delicious banana and orange bites. The Kits used a range of cooking techniques while making the bites; mashing the banana, squeezing the juice from the orange and using a spoon to stir the ingredients together. The activity provided a great opportunity to develop the children's Maths skills, as we had to discuss, understand and use cup measurements to measure out the different ingredients. They also developed their understanding of the world as they explored and described the textures, smells and tastes of the ingredients. We had fun talking about the different types of cookery we enjoy doing with our families at home.

We refined our fine motors skills throughout the week as we stuck small objects in our Art activities and made bookmarks in our Fine Motor Skills Focus Time activity on Friday. The home corner has been set up as a home office for the week and the children have been busy working away on the laptops and talking on the phone, recreating their parents working from home routines! Role-play supports the children's communication and language skills as it encourages them to create a narrative around their play. It also helps support the development of their social, personal and emotional skills as they play together and take turns with the resources. Finally, at the end of the week we refined our fine motor skills further in our bookmark making activity where the children were tasked with threading wool through holes in card in order to complete their bookmarks!

It has been a wonderful week filled with fun, dressing up and storytelling and we can't wait to welcome the Kits back next week!


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