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Kits News - 12th March 2021

The Kits topic book this week has been I Like Myself! by Karen Beaumont. The story is about a little girl who loves herself from her head to her toes and from the inside out. In the story it encourages self-esteem building and for the children to appreciate all of the things that make them who they are! It has offered a great platform to talk to the children about themselves and to help them develop their sense of identity.

In our Maths Focus Time, we continued this by focusing on comparing sizes. We measured all of our heights by lying on the floor and placing tape at the top of our heads and at the bottom of our feet. The children thought it was great fun and were very keen to stand up again to see who was the tallest! We also explored technology, using the iPad to take ‘selfies’ of ourselves. The children learnt how to press the button on the screen to take a photo and then how to use their fingers to swipe and browse through the different images afterwards. The children were proud of the photos they had taken and we extended this activity by using them again during our Communication and Language Focus Time. The Kits had the opportunity to look at the pictures and were encouraged to use descriptive language to discuss what they looked like, detailing the colour of their hair and eyes. We then looked at their emotion mats and linked back to what their family members look like, noticing the differences and similarities between them! The children all recognised that their Mummies and Daddies were taller than them and enjoyed describing the colour of their hair and eyes, commenting on whether they were the same as their own.

The Kits have been busily preparing for Mother’s Day this week ahead of the celebrations on Sunday. The children have worked very hard to create a range of beautiful Mother’s Day cards using watercolours and dried flowers. They sprinkled salt on the paint when it was still wet and this gave an amazing effect as it reacted with the water. They were fascinated by the dried flowers and instinctively handled them carefully as they stuck them onto their cards. We also made some beautiful flower pots by upcycling old tin cans and decorating them with ribbon and strips of paper. The children then planted hyacinth bulbs in them and were very excited to take them home to give to their Mummies at the end of the week.

Due to COVID-19 we have been unable to host our usual ‘Bring Mummy to School Day’ but instead have been busy preparing our Mother’s Day video to show to the parents. Each child had their own part and we came together for a wonderful performance.


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