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Squirrels News - 7th July 2021

The Squirrels had an amazing last few days together this week. Whilst preparing for our Leavers Concert we also enjoyed spending time together playing and having fun.

On our last Outdoor Learning Day the children celebrated their accomplishments by making medallions. They sensibly and safely used a hand drill to make holes into their wooden discs before decorating them with dried flowers and finally threading ribbon through the hole so that they could hang them on the tree. On the reverse, the medallions read, ‘I’m an Outdoor Learner’. This was a wonderful way for the Squirrels to be able to celebrate and remember their physical achievements as well as their resilience, knowledge of the local area and understanding of plants and nature.

Our Community walk took us to Sainsbury’s where we shopped for healthy fruits, vegetables and snacks to enjoy as part of our class party on the last day of term. The children selected an array of foods including, a watermelon, grapes, strawberries, tomatoes and a cucumber. We also prepared and baked pizza pinwheels with the children using their skills to spread, sprinkle and roll their pinwheels before placing them in the oven.

It was wonderful to welcome the parents and carers into the Church for our Leavers Concert. The children did an amazing job of sharing what they have learnt, singing and dancing beautifully and it was an event thoroughly enjoyed by all.


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