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Squirrels News - 30th April 2021

This week the Squirrels have been immersed in our topic book Real Superheroes by Julia Seal which focuses on the everyday people or 'heroes' who keep our world turning and all of us safe.

Our topic book spotlighted the importance of our emergency services which opened up lots of discussion around what these services do and how these people keep us safe. We expanded our learning by transforming our role play area into an Emergency Call Centre with operators taking calls from people in need and redirecting them to the necessary services. The children took on the roles of firefighters, paramedics, police officers and coast guards to respond to others in need.

Our circle time discussions addressed the process of calling 999 where the children showed a good understanding that we only call 999 in an emergency. We also spoke through the types of questions the operator will ask you in case you did need to call. Most of the Squirrels were confident in saying their full names and knew which service they would require in different circumstances.

It was fitting that we practised our Fire Drill this week and all the children responded fantastically, leaving the building quickly, quietly and calmly before answering the register. The Squirrels were able to explain the importance of Fire Drills and how these help us to prepare in case of it happening in real life.

Our Community Walk took us to the High Road this week, where we looked for passing emergency vehicles and buses, recording our findings on a tally chart. We saw lots of buses as we waited but only one emergency vehicle. The children could identify this as an ambulance and we saw both its sirens on and its lights flashing.

This week's Outdoor Learning Day was a creative one using natural resources to make and create. We began with painting but there was one paintbrushes! The children quickly solved this problem by combining sticks for handles and natural materials found in the environment for the bristles. We found and used a selection of plants for the task including dandelions, buttercups, grass, pine cones, leaves, cow parsley and dried stems before attaching them to our sticks with string. The children were encouraged to print or wipe their brush on the paper to observing the different patterns and marks that each object made.

Our next activity was to making a nature mobile! We used the natural resources around us to decorate a hoop. The children were very selective finding a variety of plants, sticks, feathers and twine to use. We used scissors to cut different lengths and colours of ribbon to decorate our mobile with and attached one end to the hoop and the other to the object. It was a wonderful day filled with lots of curiosity, determination and creativity. We can't wait to welcome the children back on Monday for more fun and learning!


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