The best reference for Oaktree is from the parents who have experienced the school. See our latest parent reviews on Google here

If you are considering us for your child we will happily introduce you to any of our current parents to get independent feedback first hand. Here are some comments from our parents about their experience of the school:

"Archie has loved being back, so a big thank you to all the team as well as I know how hard they all work. We love getting all the updates on tapestry too as it prompts so much discussion at home!" - Kate S

"It has been a fantastic half-term and so wonderful that the children have been able to enjoy being at nursery together. Thank you and all the teachers and assistants for your and their amazing efforts." - Caroline P

"Tom and I have just read the lovely report for Izzy and wanted to pass on our enormous thanks for all that you and Oaktree have done for her. We are so impressed with all the opportunities you’ve provided and the standard of learning is simply fantastic. Thank you so much for giving Izzy such a solid start to her education and such a lovely environment to grow up in. We will Miss Oaktree a lot!" - Lucy V

"Thank you so much for all your kindness and patience with William - he has had the most wonderful start to his education thanks to you! So much thought, planning and fun! What a lucky boy! Flora can't wait to get started" - Charlotte C


"I'd like to say how delighted David and I have been with our decision to send Seb to Oaktree.  He has enjoyed every minute of it and thrived. Our eldest son was at a different local nursery and the experience we and Seb have had at Oaktree has been immeasurably better.  You have a wonderful combination of loving environment that is fun for the children but also guides and starts them on their way to formal learning. I am only sad we don't have another child who can come to Oaktree!" - Jess W


"Thank you for being such a fantastic influence on Lauren in her formative years. We will be forever glad we sent her to Oaktree and will miss you all so much. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts" - Una G


"I wanted to get in touch to say thank you very much to you and all the team at Oaktree. Jessica had such a lovely time there and came home so happy every day. Moving Jessica away from Oaktree early was definitely the trickiest decision to make about moving house and this is thanks to the fantastic environment you have created! You have managed to create a wonderful balance at Oaktree and this helped Jessica develop and have lots of fun when she was there." - Tom W


"I really can't recommend Oaktree highly enough. I have been hugely impressed by the commitment and professionalism of all the staff there. My daughter has been so happy, well looked after, and stimulated on so many levels. It really is a lovely learning environment, as well as being very caring. Thank You Oaktree for preparing Joanna so well for school, we will miss you all!" - Alice R


"Our son Henry evolved from a shy, uncertain toddler into a confident, kind, and friendly child under the care of Miss Jill and the rest of the staff at Oaktree.  His transition to “big school” has been seamless and happy and we credit not just his teachers and the curriculum at Oaktree but also the individual attention and affection shown to Henry which taught him that school is a happy and fun place.  We really appreciate the patience with which the Oaktree team approached teaching him and the understanding and compassion they showed us as first-time parents.  Additionally, as a working mum, I really valued the stream of communication via email so I always felt like I knew what Henry was learning and doing at nursery even if I wasn’t there to see him at school.  Our daughter Alice was registered at birth for her place at Oaktree as we don’t want her to go to nursery anywhere else!" - Sarah C

"Lochie's first experience of education has been an absolute inspiration at Oaktree. He has loved every minute of it and I know he will be so sad to leave (as will I!). Thank you so so much for all the effort you put in to make it such a stimulating and fun environment". - Katy H

"I have three children, each of whom has attended Oaktree. Although each of my children has been very different in terms of interests and temperament, each has absolutely loved Oaktree. During their time there, thrived due to the fantastic creative, play and learning opportunities available. My youngest child is still at Oaktree and loves the huge range of activities on offer - such as yoga, art, drama, music, sport, science, cookery, and even Spanish lessons. Most of all, she has formed really affectionate bonds with the staff who have always been so supportive, encouraging and nurturing, and has made great friendships with other children of her age.  For my part, I have always been impressed with the diverse range of topics covered so creatively and effectively with the children - I think I have become as excited as the children to see how the 'role play corner' is themed each week! In my experience, Oaktree prepares children very well for primary school and, most importantly, it makes pre-school learning huge fun! Based on my children's experience, I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Oaktree to others." - Rachel R


"It's so great to hear what the kids have been doing at Oaktree each week. I just wanted to say how impressed we are with the activities on offer and the work that the children are producing. It was lovely to show Riona's grandparents her folder at Christmas time and Riona is so happy to see her work up on the wall in our kitchen. I feel as though you all make a great effort to involve us as parents in understanding what the children are doing, how they are progressing and what you will be doing next so we can support their learning at home. My niece is at a top nursery school elsewhere in London and she doesn't get all this feedback!

Its always busy in the mornings and afternoons but I just wanted to take the opportunity to write a quick note of thanks to all of you. Riona is quite shy around people outside the family but she always comes out smiling after nursery and we really appreciate all the work you and the other staff put in to make it a happy place to be".  - Parita T

"I think Oaktree Nursery school is fantastic and my children have really enjoyed their time there. It has a very different feel to other nurseries, very small and nurturing. The large variety of activities that the Children do are excellent and make learning lots of fun. I can really see how much my son has progressed during his time at Oaktree and I attribute that to the staff and environment. The staff are all so caring, kind, and very approachable. We are so pleased that we chose Oaktree for our Children and very much appreciate this brilliant start to their education." - Lucy L

"My daughter is in her final term of Oaktree before starting school.  Looking back, she has had a wonderful start to her education at Oaktree.  The highly motivating ethos at this nursery is in my view what makes the difference.   Everyday Flo comes back with stories of fun activities that she has done to enhance her learning, several of which are the type of activities that you think twice about doing at home...messy spaghetti, hand and foot painting, to name but a few.  The staff work as a very strong team and really enjoy what they are doing.  As such, they are keen to get the best out of the children and help them with all aspects of their day. 

I asked Flo about the best part of nursery and she said "my teachers".  I think that says it all.  Thank you Oaktree." - Joanne P


"My son joined Oaktree when he was 2 years 9 months and stayed there for two years before he went to school. He absolutely loved it there. The teachers are so lovely. When we got my son’s end-of-term review report, I was so touched on how detailed the report was. Miss Katka noted down in the report how long my son could concentrate on one particular development area. From that report I could see how well Miss Katka and her ladies in the team downstairs knew my son. As a mother, I was so impressed and felt so pleased that we were lucky enough to send my son to Oaktree.

The same wonderful feeling came after my son went to the upstairs class in the pre-schooler group. My son learnt so much and the staff really personalised their teaching to suit my son’s development. Needless to say the beautiful memories of the Sports days, outings, nativity plays, our gifts for Christmas, Mother’s day, Father’s day, and many special moments of ‘bring mothers in’ and ‘bring fathers in’ sessions. And the heart warming photo of my son with his wonderful teachers on the last day of his time at Oaktree.


All the wonderful experience we had with Oaktree, we had no hesitation to sign our younger child up with Oaktree straight after his birth. We are looking forward to see all lovely ladies at Oaktree again soon when he starts."

Rosa W