• Squirrel's News - 9th October 2020

  • This week’s topic book was The Last Chip by Duncan Beedie. The story follows a hungry pigeon who is searching for food. The bigger birds keep getting his food and he is about to give up on his search when someone offers him their very last chip. The story is all about kindness and helping others less fortunate than ourselves. This prompted our literacy focus for the week where we discussed kindness. We spoke about what we thought kindness was and discussed all the different ways that we have shown kindness to others or they have shown kindness to us. 

    On our Outdoor Learning Day this week we used our observation skills to take a close look at trees, leaves, seeds and other found materials. As usual we began with a recap of our rules. We reminded the children that the rules are there to keep everyone safe and having fun. We then set off across the common with our new equipment, the ‘xploview’,  a digital magnifier that connects to the iPads allowing us to photograph or video what we can see. We sent the children off to find an interesting object that they wanted to look at.
    They returned with sticks, leaves, acorns, feather and grass and together we focused the xploview over them to gain a magnified and detailed picture. It was interesting seeing the patterns, lines, shapes and textures. We also found a spider and some fungi. We returned to the Safe Zone for snack before heading into the trees to collect leaves and seeds to sort and identify. 
    In pairs we looked closely at a leaf or seed and compared it to our identification sheets to find the names of the trees and plants in the local area. We identified horse chestnuts, oaks, ivy, holly, sycamore as well as a blackberry bush and stinging nettles. The children explained why we need to be careful around these plants and not touch them when out. We finished up with a new song before listening to our story ‘The Last Chip’. 
  • Back in the classroom, we welcomed some new arrivals to the Squirrels. Three ‘fancy goldfish’ have joined us as our class pets! Each group was given the opportunity to decide on a name for the fish and we were able to use this as an exercise to recap on our conversations around democracy and how to vote. The children had lots of fun discussing different names and successfully agreed on the three names, Pancake, Tango and Bubbles.

    We spoke about the responsibilities of caring for living things and about all of our responsibilities to look after them. The children were very excited to welcome our new class members and we can’t wait to learn more about them!

    The highlight of the week was making Oat Energy Balls to celebrate World Porridge Day in support of ‘Mary’s Meals’. The Squirrels had great fun measuring, mixing and using fruit and their balls to make smiles which we enjoyed at Snack Time.