• Squirrels News - 8th January 2021

  • It was lovely to welcome the Squirrels back to Nursery this week and to hear all about their Christmas Holiday News. 

    We began the term by setting goals we wanted to achieve throughout the new year. We discussed what 'New Years Resolutions' and 'goals' are and talked through ideas of the types of goals we could make. We first started thinking about things we find challenging and then discussed new skills we wanted to learn. The children came up with a variety of goals from riding a bike and learning to swim to learning a new instrument! We discussed how we could achieve these goals too remembering that even if we might find them tricky, we shouldn’t give up. 

    As we begin a new term we recapped our Classroom Principles and newly updated symbols. The Classroom Principles are our ‘Rule of Law’  at nursery, which relate  to our teaching of British Values. We know it’s important that the children understand the principles and are able to explain how and why we implement them and the consequences of not following them. Our Classroom Principles include having 'kind hearts', 'gentle hands' and 'listening ears'. During the activity the children were given the task of finding examples of our Principles in magazines. They carefully cut around the images they had found using scissors and worked as a group to add them to the grid we had created.

    In our STEM programming activity this week the children were engrossed in imaginary treasure hunt play! The children were challenged with making the BeeBot travel across a map to retrieve the treasure. They took turns to enter in the directional instructions (forwards, backwards, left, right) and were pleased when the BeeBot made it to the final destination!

    We have had great fun this week and we can't wait to extend our learning next week!