• Squirrels News - 4th December 2020

  • This week the Squirrels have continued their Christmas topic and have been hard at work rehearsing for their upcoming Nativity which we are all very excited about. 

    This week in our literacy Focus Time we sequenced the story of the Nativity. We began by retelling the story together; naming characters, settings and main events. Then the children had seven pictures to order in chronological order. After sequencing the images together in the correct order, they stuck their images down to make a little story book to take home. 

    One of our activities in our Outdoor Learning Environment involved pegging scarves on the washing line. We set up a piece of string outside and all had a turn at trying to peg a colourful scarf to the line. This activity is hugely beneficial in supporting the children’s fine motor skills, concentration and determination. Everyone joined in with great enthusiasm to work together to hang up all the colourful scarves. 

    This week’s Outdoor Learning Day was extra special for the Squirrels as it was our last one before the end of term. The children didn’t seem to be perturbed by the imminent rain and were very chatty while we walked. We sang a few of our Nativity songs on the journey and the children were keen to revise their lines too. 

    When we arrived the children had Free Play and spent their time initiating games of ‘Duck, Duck, Goose’ and tag with each other. We did a rain dance to try and entice some worms out for us to observe but unfortunately none were forthcoming!

    The teachers prepared a shelter for us to enjoy our snack under which the children called their ‘home’. After our usual fruit for Snack Time, the children were surprised with sugar free hot chocolate and gingerbread men biscuits! This was a real treat for the Squirrels and teachers and warmed everyone up nicely, making sure the rain didn’t ruin our fun. Everyone sat sensibly, sipping their warming milky drink and munching on their biscuits. While they were sitting, the children observed the rain on the tarpaulin, watching as it dripped and then running along causing a waterfall at one end. 

    After snack we played some team games. We started off with a game of ‘fruit salad’ where the children had a fruit card and had to swap places with another child with the same fruit. When Miss Chantelle called out ‘fruit salad’ everyone had to change places. Then we played pass the ball, transferring the ball along the line and running to the front. The Yellow Squirrels were our champions of the day, managing to beat the Pink Squirrels but it was all good fun and everyone displayed great team spirit.

    After a few more minutes of Free Play where the children enjoyed climbing trees, we settled down for a story. Miss Leanne chose the very apt ‘Singing in the Rain’ for our story. It was very wet and much colder this week but the children were fantastically well behaved, with everyone joining in and having a great day. Well done Squirrels, we can’t wait for what Outdoor Learning brings us in the Spring Term!