• Squirrels News - 29th January 2021

  • Our topic this week was ‘Look Up!’ by Nathan Byron. In the story the lead character, Rocket, loves ‘looking up’ into space, learning about the planets, astronauts and stars. Her hero is Mae Jemison, the first African-American woman to go to space on board the space shuttle Endeavour. Rocket is always encouraging her big brother to look up too because he is usually looking down at his phone. Together they look up and watch a magical meteor shower. The story provided us with great discussion on the magic that is around us, encouraging us to look at the wonderful things we have in the outside world.

    The story directed many of our activities towards a space theme and in particular activities focused on the stars and constellations. In Free Play we used loose parts to create our own constellations arranging cotton buds and beads and discussing the different planets and stars we were including in our pictures.

    For our Physical Development Focus the children were excited to thread their own personal star sign constellations. The activity required concentration, patience and determination of which the children had lots of. We were extremely impressed with how much focus the children displayed in taking time to calmly push the needle in and out of the card, making sure to follow the lines. We discussed what start signs were and what they are used for. The Squirrels were intrigued to lean that they each have a special constellation relating to their birth date and were excited to find out which star sign was theirs. 

    Despite current restrictions, we are really pleased that we are able continue involving the Squirrels' parents in nursery life. Although we cannot invite parents into nursery they have the opportunity to read a story during Circle Time via Zoom. The children are always so excited when their parents are due to read and listen attentively along with their friends.