• Squirrels News - 27th November 2020

  • We continued our Christmas topic this week and rehearsals for our Nativity are at full force. 

    This week’s Maths activity consolidated our accurate counting skills. We decorated Christmas baubles using paint and pom poms. The children were given two dice, one a number dice and the other a colour dice. The Squirrels took turns to roll both dice and print the corresponding colour and number of spots onto their baubles. We remembered to count using one-to-one correspondence, carefully printing to make beautiful baubles just like the ones we hang on a tree. 

    In the role play area the children have loved using the natural materials as props for their play, stirring, mixing, transferring and baking pine cone cupcakes, and conker cookies. 

    The children had fun using our upside down writing activity during Free Play. We secured paper to the underside of the tables and encouraged the children to lie down on the floor and write under the table. This activity helped the children to strengthen the arm muscles and support early writing skills. 

    This week we had another brilliant Outdoor Learning Day. Each week we are finding new and exciting things to explore and observe. Once we arrived at the common,  one of the children was excited to find a woodlouse which he thought looked like a “piggy”. Another child found a worm and we placed them both inside the magnifying pots to take a closer look. 

    This week the children were set the task of creating a nature trail. We split into two groups and each group had the task of making a nature trial for the other to follow, leading them to hidden ‘treasure!’ We thought about how we could direct them and agreed that arrows and piles would work best. We began by finding sticks and arranging them into arrows, then we gathered a pile of leaves. We thought the yellow leaves really stood out and would work well so we used them to make a leaf arrow and also as a base for the treasure to sit on. The treasure was the children’s names and we lay them out for them to find. 

    After the groups had finished completing their trails we had a go at following them. We encouraged the children to look at the ground and to go slowly so they didn’t miss any clues.  We followed the trail until we too had found our names hidden under a tree. The children had lots of fun taking part in this activity and it was great to see the children supporting each other and working as a team to try and find the clues and hidden treasure.