• Squirrel's News - 16th October 2020

  • This week’s topic was the traditional tale, The Gingerbread Man. We have had lots of fun using this story to inspire a range of exciting activities which children have been hugely engrossed in.

    The Squirrels were challenged with a STEM activity this week. We thought about ways that the Gingerbread Man could have crossed the river without being eaten by the fox. The children were very creative with ideas of boats, hovercrafts and ropes attached to aeroplanes before deciding that the best option would be a bridge. They were provided with a range of materials and working in small teams were encouraged to build a bridge for the Gingerbread Man. The children’s decision making, listening skills and problem solving were tested but the results were amazing!

    In Literacy we sequenced the story, looking closely at each illustration and ordering them accordingly. We worked as a group to name the different settings and characters as well as mapping the story from beginning to end.


  • It was another fine day out on Tooting Common for The Squirrels Outdoor Learning Day this week. On the way we felt a few rain drops on our heads but the children quickly sang, ‘rain rain go away,’ and so it did!

    On arrival we set up the Safe Zone in a different area amongst the trees which allowed for exploration during Free Play. 

    Our first activity was a dramatisation of our topic book.. The children named the characters and used refrains and actions to retell the story. We brought a range of Drama props with us to support our dramatisation and the children loved using the masks, taking turns to become the different characters and putting their own spin on them. They loved it so much we told the story three times! 

    We regrouped for Snack Taking time to enjoy the sunshine while regaining our energy and having a chat with friends. 

    Our second activity took us on a stick hunt, specifically to find ‘y’ shaped sticks that could be used to construct stickmen! The children had fun going on and under the trees and searching, climbing over and under the branches before heading back to the Safe Zone with our hoard. 

    With support from the teachers to wrap the string around the sticks, the Squirrels brought their stickmen to life, using permanent markers to decorate and put the finishing touches on their creations. 

    They also had the opportunity to have a go at using a vegetable peeler as an introduction to whittling, shaving bark off the heads of the stickmen to give them a face.


  • We are always encouraging the Squirrels to be independent in their self-care and even more so now due to COVID-19. In the Squirrels classroom we have ‘Personal Care Stations’ with tissues, wet wipes, antibacterial hand gel and a mirror for the children to use to support them in cleaning up any runny noses independently.

    In the Role Play Area this week the children have been busy working on the Oaktree Construction Site. The children have been planning and building and making sure they have the correct safety and protective equipment whilst on site. They have worked together stacking and balancing blocks to make tall buildings and homes.