• Squirrels News - 13th November 2020

  • This week the Squirrels have been celebrating Diwali, ‘The Festival of Light’. We have been finding out all about Diwali by listening to the story of Rama and Sita and learning how Diwali is celebrated over five days each year. 

    On Monday the Pink Squirrels went on a community walk to the local market where we purchased some flowers from the flower stall to decorate our classroom with. On the walk back we observed and spoke about which shops were open and which ones were closed due to the lockdown. 

    Our Maths Focus this week was symmetry. The children use shapes to create Rangoli designs on paper plates, naming the shapes and looking closely at how they were to be positioned to make sure they were the same on both sides. 

    In Science we explored the colour spectrum, observing how light appears white but when it passes through water or a prism the light is refracted causing a rainbow to appear. The children used cd’s, torches and prisms to explore refraction before making Newton’s discs. 

    On Wednesday Miss Binita led our Diwali workshop, explaining how she celebrates Diwali at home. This was a great opportunity to link the celebration to discussions around our teaching of British Values, talking of the importance of Mutual Respect and the children’s Cultural Capital. Miss Binita gave the children the opportunity to dress in traditional clothing and decorate divas which was met with great excitement and enthusiasm.

  • This week we were joined by Miss Kirsty on our Outdoor Learning Day where we continued our Diwali theme. When we arrived at the common we asked the children to tell Miss Kirsty all of our rules to keep her safe. The children are well versed in them now and quickly explained what the rules were and why we needed them. The children played hide-and-seek, sung songs, chased and explored during a short Free Play before we split for our first activity. For our first activity we searched for green leaves, collecting as many as we could before returning to the Safe Zone to make leaf bunting to decorate our classroom with, in celebration of Diwali. We used needles and thread, pushing the needles through the leaves before tying them all together. 

    We joined back together for a game of ‘through the hoop’. The aim of the game is to transport two hoops around the circle without anyone letting go of each others hands. This was very easy for some and tricky for others but the children were great at working in a time and encouraging each other.

    Our second activity was to make natural Rangoli mandalas. In pairs the children were asked to create a Rangoli mandala inside their hoop using natural materials and using their understanding of symmetry from Tuesdays Maths Focus time. They worked together and made Rangolis with amazing designs.