• Squirrels News - 11th December 2020

  • This week was very exciting and fun for the Squirrels. On Wednesday we had our Christmas party with games and food. We played Duck, Duck, Duck Goose and Pass the Parcel before having a disco with music and lights, dancing around together to our favourite songs. The children enjoyed an extra special snack with fruit, crisps and sugar free biscuits. 

    On Friday it was The Squirrels Nativity Performance. The children’s numerous rehearsals in the past few weeks cumulated in a fantastic performance which they should be immensely proud of. It was lovely to see how excited the children were to be performing in their costumes to the parents and they performed all of their songs with amazing enthusiasm and confidence!

    It was so special to be able to invite the parents in to watch as it was an amazing end to the first term. We wish everyone a wonderful Christmas and can’t wait to welcome the children back in January!