• Nursery News - 8th March 2019

  • It was lovely to welcome the children back  after the half term break and we do hope that you enjoyed a restful week.  Judging by their stories they had a marvellous time. 

     "Alan’s Big Scary Teeth” was last week’s theme for the Kits with the main focus being dental hygiene. We discussed the importance of cleaning our teeth regularly and the negative impact too much sugar can have. At the beginning of the week we started our Science experiment and immersed eggs into cola, coffee, Ribena or water.  Over the next few days we observed some of the egg shells turning a darker shade of brown (depending on the liquid in which they were submerged) and then we used a toothbrush and paste to scrub those that were stained.  This successfully removed the staining from the egg shell. We then discussed the effect that  liquids could have on  teeth enamel. We revisited our counting skills whilst pushing a given number of ‘teeth’ into playdough gums.  The children put their ICT skills to use as they took selfies which are displayed in the classroom. They have taken a great interest in the photos which have sparked many conversations.  The children also made crocodile hand puppets and free painted with toothbrushes.  The highlight of the week was the visit from the dentist who discussed the importance of healthy teeth.
    The Squirrel’s topic last week also focused on dental hygiene and friendship linking to the popular story  ‘The Selfish Crocodile’. We kicked off the art activities using watercolours to paint silhouettes of the  animals depicted in the book. Please do look at the end results displayed on the board at the top of the stairs. Everyone then made a pair of castanets which they played during circle time - The Squirrels were very pleased with their creations.
    During  Literacy sessions we took turns to pull ‘teeth’ out of the crocodile’s mouth, all of which had a letter displayed on them,  read it  and then searched for an object  beginning with the corresponding sound. Making number lines with numbered teeth from either 1 to 10  or 1 to 20 facilitated the consolidation of numeral recognition and in science everyone took part in the teeth cleaning experiment as described under ‘Alan’s Big Scary Teeth’.  At the end of the week we enjoyed listening to the visiting Dentist’s advice about the correct brushing of our teeth and that they should be brushed for a minimum of two minutes using circular movements. She also suggested that their parents should also ensure they are brushed thoroughly. It was interesting to learn the function of canines, molars and incisors.
    World Book Day has inspired both the Kits’ and Squirrels’ learning throughout the week. There have been many discussions about our favourite stories and book characters. The Kits enjoyed reenacting  story scenes during Drama and later in the week retelling their special stories in detail.  Blue and Orange Group recapped pattern and sequencing whilst Green Group categorised objects by colour.  The children worked hard as they threaded different fruit onto bamboo sticks to create edible Hungry Caterpillars which refined their hand-eye co-ordination and fine motor skills.  On the creative side of things, the Kits made collages with pieces of paper cut out from magazines and painted fairytale characters. The art activities culminated in the making of book marks. However, free painting and building at the DT table remain hives of activity as the children explore a range of media.
    The Squirrels were encouraged to plan and  describe their intentions when invited to paint their favourite book characters, which they were keen to do. They also made a poster with copies of  illustrations from a number of fiction books. The Groups used story cubes displaying pictures of the topic books we have already covered since September to create their own stories.  This prompted some lively conversations about the characters and themes .  We revisited habitats whilst discussing the difference between animal features and questioned why some are suited to live in the desert (camel) whilst others thrive in cold places (polar bear). The children grasped this well and worked collabratively when challenged by Miss Katka to place them to their correct habitats.  The Squirrels Magic Basket, which contains different items each day, linked to popular children’s stories, inspired many imaginary games whether re-enacting stories or developing an accompanying narrative to small world play.
    The Squirrels  and Kits adore engaging in role play,  whether it is visiting the dentist, assisting in the Oaktree Shoe Shop , preparing food and chatting to friends in the Outdoor Learning Environment Sand Cafe or rescuing baddies on the Pirate Ship.
    As we are sure you can imagine the pinnacle was dressing up as story characters including superheroes and princesses and sharing our favourite books.
    We are running a Mother’s Day gift drive for Ella’s Home.  We have agreed to provide a coffee shop voucher for each lady so that they can treat themselves, which will hopefully afford them a little independence as they rebuild their lives.  If you would like to contribute please could you give your contribution either to Katka or Jill. We will then divide the total amongst the 64 ladies and give them all a gift card.  As we will be purchasing in bulk we are hoping Costa will also make a contribution.
    We are looking forward to seeing you at  Parents’ Evening on Thursday 21st March between 6 and 8 pm. Please do remember to sign up . You will find the schedule displayed on the classroom doors or with Miss Slavka in Early Bird club. However for those who are unable to make it please do  arrange an alternative time with your child’s teacher.