• Nursery News - Getting ready for our Outdoor Learning Days

  • The Squirrels are looking forward to our first Outdoor Learning Day on the Common this week. These outings are a firm favorite with both the children and the teachers. As an urban school, with Oaktree as our name, we make it a crucial part of our weekly activities to spend time in nature.

    This will be a great chance to introduce the children to all the fun activities and learning opportunities we have prepared for this academic year. We will be learning about plants, trees, natural materials, and how to respect our environment.

    The children will participate in lots of physical activities and games as well as exploring a range of art techniques such as hapa-zome, clay impressions, and painting with natural materials. We may make bug hotels and fairy houses and can’t wait to go on a mini-beast hunt as well. The children will also be taught about safety and encouraged to assess and take risks. We can’t wait to share all the adventures with parents on the children's online journal (Tapestry) over the next few weeks.