• Nursery News - 9th March

  • Thank you to all those who were able to join us for Bring Mummy to School Day.  The children loved having you here and we hope you enjoyed the morning.

    We are thrilled to introduce our newly appointed teaching assistant, Eszter David,  who brings a wealth of experience having taught at Henry Cavendish Primary School and Bertrum House.

    “The Tickle Book” by Ian Whybrow was the platform for the Downstairs children’s activities this week. The children thoroughly enjoyed the Drama lesson on Monday when they reenacted various nursery rhymes with the use of the large colourful parachute. They pretended to be sleeping bunnies as they lay under the drama parachute and loved the sensation the air caused as the parachute was moved up and down on top of them by the teachers. Their ability to follow and listen to instructions is continually growing as is their confidence as they participate in drama based activities. We explored positional language during our outside Maths lesson on Tuesday. The children were encouraged to move in different ways such as forwards, backwards, over and under. Blue Group focused on letter and sound recognition of s, a and t.  Orange and  Green Groups used trains and paint to refine their gross motor and mark making skills whilst creating train tracks. On the creative side of things we have made tickle sticks, tickle monsters and cards for our Mummies. 

    The Oaktree Construction Site in the outdoor area was a big hit with the children, particularly those who are  keen to use the tools. The Oaktree Day Nursery has also been popular, dressing and undressing the babies has captured the children’s interest and has enticed the quieter members of the group to explore the role play area.

    The Leavers have been busy making Mother’s Day surprises and preparing for today’s concert. `In My Heart” by Jo Witek provided the opportunity to further explore emotions colours and shape. During circle times we have discussed which colours evoke different emotions.  Many of our discussions have been linked to Mother’s Day and our relationship with our Mummies.  Focusing on addition and the plus and minus signs caused much excitement as the children worked in groups to add  and subtract sets of hearts.  Everyone patiently waited for their turn to measure and weigh the ingredients needed to make the Mother’s Day treats and they were most pleased with the end result - as we are sure you will be!  The children utilised their blowing skills whilst bubble painting and persevered until they had produced enough to create a pattern on the paper, which they manipulated to represent flowers. As always, small world and construction resources play a big part in free play  and it is always a delight to observe the children working collaboratively and listening to each other’s ideas as the children. The children are excelling in their activity books during one to one sessions, they simply love celebrating their success as they complete their bespoke Maths and Literacy activities with their teacher.