• Nursery News - 7th June 2019

  • Firstly an enormous thank you for your generous sponsorship for Ella’s Home, Oaktree have raised over £1000 which has exceeded our target.

    We would also like to thank Matilda’s Mummy, Anna, who spent a morning with the Squirrels before half-term demonstrating how to make clothes and toys with fabric. The children had a ball as they helped operate the sewing machine and made cushion covers for our book corner. This really highlighted the many possibilities available to us as adults and encouraged the children to have a can-do attitude towards new experiences. We are hoping to schedule similar sessions into our timetable so please do let us know if you would like to share your skills, hobbies and interests with the children. The Squirrels will be visiting Jefferson’s Cafe on the 25th June and Celine (a former OT Parent), will explain how her passion and innovation led to the launch of the cafe. She will also show the Squirrels how to make ice cream.

    Our learning this week has been focused on Sport’s Day and the children have particularly enjoyed creating topics for our themed relay races. During focus time the Squirrels learning has focused on our bodies, we have explored the cardiovascular system and observed the impact exercise has on our breathing. We concluded that that after performing Jumping Jacks for 30 seconds we breathe faster and our heart beat quickens. We also noticed that our bodies become warmer, sweat and therefore need to remove our smocks to cool ourselves.

    Our sports shop role play area has seen a lot of activity with customers updating their exercise outfits and replenishing their equipment.

    Prior to half-term, the Kits learning was inspired by “The Tree” by Neal Layton. They made a beautiful display with lots of natural resources including nests made from twigs, birds with feathers and trees with leaves. They also added scrunched up tissue paper to depict blossom. Pretending to be different animals that live in “The Tree” was the focus during Drama whist in Maths, we counted leaves and matched them to the corresponding numeral. We also spent time discussing different family units which we linked to our Ella’s Home Scavenger Hunt.

    Following our visit to the Fire Station, the children had enormous fun playing with water in the outside area pretending to be Firefighters attending emergencies.

    We began this week by checking on the plants and were amazed to see how much they had grown in just one week. The Kits have continued to nurture them, checking to see if they require watering - which they are always keen to do.

    This week we began our Sports themed activities in preparation for Oaktree Nursery School Sport’s Day. We re-enacted different Sports during Drama, threw bean bags then measured the distance and cooked very healthy energy-boosting banana biscuits. During our literacy sessions the children focused on initial sounds and writing the initial letter of their names on whiteboards, in glitter trays and on paper. The older Kits have been writing their full name with great precision.

    Our sand cafe was extremely busy with staff preparing cakes, coffee and breakfast for the steady flow of hungry customers.

    Upon their return from half term, both the Squirrels and the Kits were delighted to harvest the first strawberries which they planted earlier in the year. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed tasting them.