• Nursery News - 3rd May 2019

  • It was lovely to welcome the children back after the Easter break and hear about their holiday adventures. Everyone described having a wonderful time.

    The Kits were very excited to return after the break and enjoyed re-familiarising themselves with the daily routine.  The older Kits were  particularly keen to look at our photo albums displaying last term’s activities and they confidently shared their likes, dislikes and celebrated their achievements. Such activities support the British Values, Respect and Rule of Law, as the children listened to each other and took turns.  We also practised our fine motor skills and hand eye co-ordination whilst chopping fruit for our strawberry and banana milkshake and scrunching and sticking paper to add to collages. Painting with kitchen utensils,  such as potato mashers and forks inspired the Kit’s creativity while producing abstract pictures.

    The Mini Green Kits have settled very well and have spent time making emotion mats and exploring the classroom with Miss Slavka.  

    This week the Kits engaged in numerous activities based on “Thank You Mr. Panda.”  During Art we explored colour and shape and compared the differences and similarities; such as circles and squares and colours such as black and white. Our “Airport” was busy with passengers checking in for flights to various destinations. The children were very keen to reenact experiences from the Easter Holiday. During focus time we played imaginary pass the parcel which encouraged the children to anticipate  what might be in the final parcel and to verbalise how they feel when receiving or giving presents. We continued the present theme in our Maths focus time where the children were invited to find all the hidden presents in the outdoor learning environment (OLE) and then count them.  The Blue, Orange and Green Kits explored initial sounds of their names and objects whilst the Mini Green Kits also played pass the parcel and took turns to describe the toy that their unwrapping had revealed.  We extended our spreading skills, as we made bagels with a variety of toppings, and our fine motor skills, as we wrapped presents with either paper or foil.

    The Squirrels were extremely keen to share their holiday experiences and it was lovely to observe the noticeable improvement in their ability to recall and sequence events. Despite the wonderful destinations many of them had travelled to,  their Easter Egg hunts in the gardens were the clear favourites. During Science we revisited magnetism. The objective, however,  was to encourage the children to understand the importance of recording their findings succinctly. In Maths we further explored the sequencing of patterns introducing more complicated combinations to extend observational and critical thinking skills.

    We embarked on our three week ‘Artist’ topic on Monday and a huge thank you for providing the children with a landscape photograph. They have studied them closely whilst learning to use watercolours and interpreting the scenes in the style of Turner.  We also discussed Turner’s expressive use of colours, imaginative landscape and famous marine paintings. Coloured filters were also used to further consolidate everyone’s understanding of shades and depth of colour.

    Rhyming games were warmly received as the children worked in pairs or small groups to create rhyming strings based on different pictures depicting their interests.  In readiness for Reception we recapped routine, days of the week and self care, such as removing and replacing socks and shoes.


    Our green fingered Squirrels and Kits were busy planting, watering and nurturing the plants and herbs in the OLE.