• Nursery News - 27th April

  • The Leavers have hit the floor running with of their “Artists” topic. On Monday a local artist Girvan Thompson, visited the children to host a workshop. He began by sharing what had inspired his love of art and continued to discuss various techniques such as mosaics, lino printing and painting with water colours. The session concluded with the children working collaboratively to produce a Mosaic.  This theme continued throughout the week as the children produced Mosaics with coloured corn and with gems on clay.  During our literacy session everyone chose and studied various magazine pictures. They then worked in teams to identify the beginning, middle and end phonemes before deciding where on a phonics wheel to place the pictures. Exploring material and light triggered the children’s critical thinking skills during our science session as we looked at transparent, opaque and translucent resources. Group discussions about the children’s favourite area of the classroom led to a recapping of the classroom principles. The teachers encouraged the children to ask each other pertinent questions and respond accordingly.  We were all impressed with their ability to listen, take turns and the range of vocabulary they used.
    The Downstairs children enjoyed their topic “Abigail” by Catherine Rayner.  Everyone honed their acting skills whilst wearing masks and  depicting safari animals in front of the entire class during our Drama session.  The masks were very popular and have been used the entire week as the children have engaged in various imaginary games in the “Base Camp” role play area.
    We have enjoyed playing counting games and I Spy... focusing on our topic.  Weighing and mixing ingredients whilst making pastry for our cheese straws enabled the children to develop their maths skills.,whilst decorating giraffes with small pieces of paper provided the opportunity for the refinement of cutting skills. We recapped the safety procedures needed when using scissors to which everyone understood and adhered. 
    Please do take the time to see our shiny stars counting display, inspired by “Abigail”. The children thoroughly enjoyed making it throughout the week and they also produced African Mud Collages with small pieces of orange and brown material shapes. The wash box in the Outdoor Learning Environment promoted pouring, transferring and mark making activities all of which help develop hand eye co-ordination and the refinement of motor skills.