• Nursery News - 21st June 2019

  • We do hope everyone enjoyed the Oaktree Nursery School Sports Day yesterday, the children did remarkably well. A big thank you to the Daddies who were able to join us last week too. The children loved showing them their favourite activities and performing the songs too. We appreciate that it is a busy time of the year and value the parental support at these events.

    The Squirrels and the Kits spent the last two weeks preparing for Sport’s Day. They created wonderful props for the fun relay races using many different techniques and resources. The children have used agility and their listening skills when practising the different races. It was lovely to observe their excitement as they competed and cheered on their friends.

    We are very excited that our caterpillars have now arrived. The children have been monitoring their growth and changes and some are now beginning to form cocoons.

    During Focus Time the Kits used positional language as they completed obstacle courses and developed their vocabulary and listening skills whilst discussing their favourite sports activities. Blue and Orange Group rolled a ball displaying phonemes to each other, which was a fun way to develop phonic knowledge. The Green and Mini Green Kits enjoyed looking at sporting pictures and describing what they could see. Throwing a given number of balls into a bucket also encouraged the children to count accurately. The older children extended the activity by adding one more ball to each given number. We were able to harvest our beans this week which we then added to a salad during cookery. The Kits concluded their Sports Day topic with a fine motor skill lesson today decorating Olympic rings with paint and cotton buds.

    Our role play area was transformed into a Day Care Nursery, then a Hairdressing Salon. It is clear that we have a number of budding Vidal Sassoons who demonstrated their creativity as they styled their clients.

    In the Outside Area many of the children explored the sandpit as they built habitats for dinosaurs. The water tray was extremely popular with the children as they practised their pouring and measuring skills.

    The Squirrels have embraced our topic focused on a heathy lifestyle, fitness and the human body. They have a good understanding of the benefits of exercise and sport and we are delighted to learn that everyone leads such active lives including all the parents! The children regaled us with stories about runs, morning yoga, football, visits to the gym and ‘lying on the mat every morning’. We have also explored different food groups with an emphasis on the importance of eating a varied diet which provides a range of nutrients and vitamins. Each group created a food pyramid with pictures cut out of magazines. We were most impressed with the children’s awareness of healthy and unhealthy foods.

    We continue to play literacy games consolidating the children’s phoneme knowledge - which include isolating the initial, middle and end sounds of words as well as segmenting and blending. The children are all at different levels and it has been lovely to observe them supporting each other during our games and circle time. In maths the children focused on their numeracy skills, by counting objects and actions. Many children continue to work on their number recognition and addition during one to one time with their teachers.

    The Squirrels absolutely adore the rehearsals for our ‘Leavers Show’ although we can’t quite believe that the academic year is coming to an end soon. Everyone is very proud of their songs, dances and lines which they chose themselves and they expressed their preferences of what to include in the performance. The Funky Groovers even choreographed their own dance. Parents are in for a treat.