• Nursery News - 1st February 2019

  • The Kits have had a busy two weeks as they explored lots of activities inspired by “Singing in the Rain” and “My Granny Went to Market”.  “Singing in the Rain”, a colourful book based on the song,  celebrates rainy days  and roused the Kits interest as they used water colours to paint stormy scenes. They also explored size as they sequenced rain drops  during Maths and refined their listening skills whilst matching the sounds of shakers.  We observed the clouds in the sky during outdoor play which led to conversations about the weather and suitable clothing. It appears many of the children love jumping in puddles which was evident on our imaginary rainy day walk!

     “Granny Went To Market” took us on an imaginary journey around the world  increasing the children’s vocabulary repertoire as we used lots adjectives to describe our trip. We explored rhythm and tempo whilst listening and dancing to music from different countries and used lots of textures and materials to produce a magic carpet. Our community walk to the market was insightful and gave us the opportunity to look at the origins the different foods as we enjoyed tasting the different produce. Following on from last week’s size exploration everyone was keen to build different towers with the Montessori Pink Tower, Broad Stair and Cylinders. The children were meticulous as they built the cubes, cylinders and oblongs in size order from the biggest to the smallest.

    At the end of each week the children vote for the following week’s theme that they would like in the role play area. This encourages democracy and also helps the children to make choices.  The Oaktree Day Care Nursery promoted lots of  activities and inspired our young helpers to dress, feed and swaddle the babies.

    The  topic books  “Triangle” and “You Choose in Space” have been the focus of the Squirrels learning since my previous update.  There has been a huge focus on shape and their properties. We recapped that 2D shapes are flat and 3D shapes are fat and observed how they travel down a ramp, for example whether they roll or slide.  Constructing shapes with play dough and lollipop sticks helped us understand that they can be combined to create other shapes, such as placing two triangles together makes a diamond, and two squares together to produce a rectangle. Spotting shapes on our community walk consolidated our learning and we concluded that rectangles were the most commonly seen shape. Making compositions with contrasting black and white shapes and illustrating shape collages with pastels, facilitated further shape recognition.  

    The children zoomed off into space as they chose their adventures inspired by “You Choose In Space”.  British Values, individual liberty and mutual respect were revisited in many of this  week’s activities. Working collaboratively with the aid of a story cube encouraged respect as the children listened to and extended each other’s ideas as they drew on their imagination to create a space themed story. Please do have a look on Tapestry at their amazing stories. During Science we explored the difference between liquids and solids and the effect of combining them whist making Moon Sand. We put our mathematical skills to the test while counting and then adding moon rocks to find the total.  The highlight of the week was dropping socks full of sand which had been dipped in paint from different heights onto paper to depict  asteroids.  We observed how the ‘splats’ created different shapes and splashes depending on the height from which they were dropped.

    We are looking forward to our annual outing to the Polka Theatre on Friday 15th February to see “In The Winter Woods.”  We are travelling to and from the theatre by coach which will drop and collect us at the Theatre’s entrance. The outing will take place in normal school hours.