• Nursery News - 18th May

  • Once again a group of children visited the pensioners and enjoyed a singing session.  ‘A Yellow Submarine” and our Growing Song were firm favourites and it was lovely to see the young and old revelling in each other’s company as they teamed up for “Row Row Row The Boat”.  The pensioners also requested a few of their childhood favourites such as “Head Shoulders Knees and Toes” and “Old MacDonald”.  
    The platform for the Leaver’s learning was “Duffy’s Lucky Escape” by Ellie Jackson and Liz Oldmeadow, which is a story that explores the relationship between humans and wildlife. With a particular focus on the dangers that turtles face in their habitat due to the abundance of plastic waste found in the oceans, it delivers a powerful message regarding the prevention of  pollution based on true events. The story captivated the children and they thoroughly enjoyed sequencing the events and retelling the story in their own words.Everyone had the opportunity to depict a scene form the story, using water colours for the background and collaging the main theme with crepe , tissue and patterned paper. Our community walk  took us on a litter picking expedition, followed by sorting the litter into organic and non organic waste. This led to discussions about the importance of looking after the environment culminating with our experiment. The children placed a little organic waste into a jar half filled with compost. We will now observe the changes and take photos during the next week to record the effects. 
    Looking at optical illusions encouraged the use of descriptive language whilst reminding us to consider and respect other’s views. Things are not always as they appear and can be interpreted in many ways!
    “ Space Song Rocket Ride” by Sunny Scribens, a very catchy rhyming space song, inspired our imaginary ride around the solar system exploring the properties and climate of the planets.  The “Oaktree Space Station” facilitated many imaginary scenarios as the children prepared to ‘Take Off” in the rocket they made at the end of last week. We put our creative skills to good use whilst making 3D rockets and a fantastic display of the solar systems. We used shapes to build rockets as we discussed the mathematical names of 2D and 3D shapes.  The children’s fine motor and literacy skills are developing steadily as they practised writing and identifying the letters in their names. Making constellations and a melon planet salad provided further opportunities to  hone their fine motor skills and hand eye co- ordination. Watering the plants has kept the children very busy during free play - we are amazed at their resilience — despite the continuous  watering, they are flourishing beautifully. The black cosmic play dough and pasta in our messy tray has prompted the exploration of textures as the children purposefully moulded, transferred and manipulated the materials.