• Nursery News - 18th January 2019

  • We are delighted that everyone has slipped back into the daily routine with ease and that the new children have settled extremely well.

    Over the past week or so the children have enjoyed sharing and illustrating their Christmas experiences. It would appear that Father Christmas visited everyone leaving lots of surprises. He even left footprints in a couple of homes!

    The Squirrels learnt about New Year Resolutions and have all identified something that they would like to learn, improve or try. The children were very thoughtful in their answers and quickly grasped the concept of a resolution.

    Our topic “Have You Filled a Bucket Today”, a story which focuses on positive behaviour and kindness, inspired many conversations throughout the week about feelings and respect. Everyone keenly added acts of kindness to their buckets which included helping friends, sharing transformers and smiling at each other.

    Exploring water molecules triggerred the children’s problem solving skills as they poured it from jug to jug, through a colander and finally along a piece of string.

    The Kits embraced their topic “The Journey Home from Grandpa’s”, kicking off on Monday with a Drama lesson reenacting travelling on different forms of transport. The children found this very amusing as they embarked on their journey. The focus in Maths was making vehicles from paper shapes which encouraged the children to explore different properties and use them purposefully to create a picture. The children extended this in free play as they constructed models with 3D shapes. We developed descriptive language whilst recalling our travel experiences. Preparing vegetable stacked rice cakes inspired conversations about colour and healthy eating simultaneously providing the opportunity for the refinement of fine motor skills whilst spreading cream cheese on the rice cakes prior to adding the topping.

    Our small world resources have inspired lots of imaginary play. The doll’s house has had a make over, the dinosaurs have been on many adventures, and the trucks busily transported precious cargo. The role play area has seen many visitors popping in to prepare cups of tea, meals or simply relax at the kitchen table. As the children develop their confidence and friendships their games are becoming more elaborate as they consider and extend each other’s ideas.

    Yoga with Miss Patricia remains very popular and it is wonderful to observe everyone’s balance and strength developing as they execute varying postures with increasing precision. Sports lessons are also always well received. The children find it easier to follow the instructions week by week as they engage in fun packed sessions which encourage agility, co-ordination and spacial awareness. Both the Squirrels and the Kits look forward to perusing books during Library visits and listening to the Librarians as they bring stories to life. 

    Lastly an enormous thank you from Leisa and Ella’s Home for your generous contributions. The children were thrilled to receive their sacks and one little girl was particularly overwhelmed with excitement after opening her unicorn print pyjamas.