• Nursery News - 17th May 2019

  • The Kits thoroughly enjoyed today’s trip to Tooting Fire Station and particularly liked using the very powerful hose. Whilst last week the Squirrels visited Dulwich Picture Gallery and were particularly captivated by the narrator who in turn was most impressed with the children’s ability to listen and ask pertinent questions.  As always, the children were beautifully behaved and a credit to us all.

    “Ten Little Robots” and “Emergency “ were the themes that inspired the Kits learning over the last couple of weeks.  During Art the children created fantastic 3D robots with recyclable resources which they then painted.  They were also encouraged to explore the creative resources  independently where many decided to paint boxes and mix colours. The Oaktree Day Care and Fire Station facilitated numerous imaginary scenarios, babies were fed, bathed, dressed and cuddled whilst many fires were extinguished.  The Kits focused on counting, number sequencing and also revisited 2D shapes.  The Blue Kits looked at 3D shapes and their properties and subsequently used them to make printed collages. The Green and Orange Kits focused on listening games and sound isolation whilst the Blue Kits also worked on segmenting three lettered phonic words. Encouraging the use of ICT equipment during adult led sessions enabled the children to develop their understanding of how to program basic equipment and follow instructions. Fine motor skill activities such as manipulating play dough to make robots and making colourful vegetable kebabs  during our Physical Development lessons were enthusiastically completed by the children. Conversation about the Emergency  Services and ‘others that help us’ supported the children’s communication and  listening skills as they took turns to share their thoughts.

    The Squirrels have embraced the “Artist” topic and have produced wonderful pictures in the style of Piet Mondrian and  Vincent Van Gough. While doing so, they used the ‘tape resist technique’ to create individual compositions.  It was wonderful to observe their excitement as they removed the masking tape to reveal the bespoke pieces.  Following this the children looked at the composition of colours and shapes whilst printing on fabric. They also used charcoal to draw Self Portraits. Experimenting with thin and thick crayons and then smudging the marks with their fingers to produce a shaded effect,  was most definitely the high point of the process. Please do take the time to visit out Gallery.

    Literacy and Language games serve to deepen the children’s phoneme isolation and reading. Many of the children regularly  request to “do my reading or activity book” during free play which highlights their ability to make independent choices and  their enthusiasm for learning.  Matching every day objects to 3D shapes helped to consolidate our understanding of their various characteristics such as corners, curves and edges.  Following this we studied geometric shapes and their change in reflection when placed before 180 and 90 degree mirrors.  Discussing the various techniques and materials used by Artists underpinned our Science activity.   We compared a range of materials and categorised them by properties such as transparent, flexible, soft and hard we then went on to discuss their uses.

    The Squirrel’s Artist Studio in the role play area also inspired many of them to create pictures on the large easel and whiteboard with a range of media.

    Six of the Squirrels joined the pensioners in the Dew Drop Inn on Tuesday. We explained that we were learning about Artists and discussed the work of William Turner. The pensioners were most impressed with the children’s knowledge on the subject. They then went on to do a still life painting of Tulips with the Pensioners.  Miss Katka and the Squirrels decided that they would like the Pensioners to keep the work so that they could take it home to “put on the fridge” which would make them “happy”.