• Nursery News - 16th March

  • What an exciting week the Leavers have had as they explored  the lifecycle of a chick.  Painting a pictorial lifecycle depicting the different stages helped consolidate their understanding of the process. The children paid enormous attention to detail as they painted an egg, hatchling, chick and hen. Everyone was provided with the opportunity to make a paper mâché egg which they will decorate and transform into an Easter egg.  During Maths we revisited size and the children worked in groups to sequence seven dolls from the smallest to the largest. Working together prompted the children to use their critical thinking and problem solving skills as they agreed where to position each doll. Discussing “kindness” was the starting point for our Literacy and Language activities.  The children were asked  to articulate what kindness meant to them,  honing their listening skills as they asked and answered questions from each other. Following this they were encouraged to trace or write a sentence accompanied with an illustration to represent their thoughts. Finally  we concluded our topic by moulding play dough into the different stages of the lifecycle discussing 3D shapes while doing so. We also explored textures as we added details, such as feathers to our models.

     A few of the Leavers enjoyed a craft session with the pensioners on Tuesday. We were most proud of the children as they introduced themselves and chatted to them.  Everyone enjoyed making Easter cards and singing together.  It was wonderful to observe the interactions between the young and older members of the community which is one of the many ways we promote British Values, encouraging respect and tolerance of others. We are planning to foster these interactions further, involving all the Leavers, at some point during the Summer Term.

    The Downstairs classroom have enjoyed all of the activities inspired by “The Ugly Duckling”.  They decorated swan templates with a selection of materials including feathers, paint, card and paper. Everyone loved participating in a free art session where they explored a range of mark making tools  such as cotton buds, corks,  sponges and paint to create collages. Sequencing the story provided the platform for further discussions as we discussed and recalled the principal characters and events before arranging illustrations into the order in which they occurred.  During Maths we completed puzzles of the Ugly Duckling.  The children persevered well as they manipulated the pieces to complete the puzzles and were very proud of their achievements.  We refined our hand-eye co-ordination and fine motor skills whilst making animals during Friday’s cookery session.  Everyone was provided with tomatoes, potatoes, mushrooms and broccoli and invited to make their own farmyard animal. The fashionistas amongst us have frequented the Oaktree Shoe Shop many times throughout the week. They have enjoyed measuring their feet and trying on different shoes before deciding which ones to buy.