• Nursery News - 14th September

  • We are delighted that the children have settled extremely well into their respective classrooms and are becoming more familiar with their daily routine.

    The Kits have enthusiastically participated in lots of fun activities linked to “Jungle Hide and Seek”. Monday’s Drama lesson, hunting for jungle animals, triggered their imagination and they loved stretching to mimic giraffes and roaring as if they were lions and tigers. Our new children have explored colour recognition whilst  the Blue Kits combined a colour matching and counting activity.  We have played several  games to encourage listening and communication throughout the week. Miss Vicky has worked on initial sound isolation and letter recognition with her group whilst the others focused on following instructions as they played hide and seek. Painting of jungle animals provided the opportunity for further colour mixing and exploration. Using plastic animals dipped in paint to create collages produced a great effect which captured the children’s interest. The Yoga and Sports lessons held in the Dance Studio were an enormous success with everyone listening and following the instructions whilst honing their gross motor skills. The home corner and play dough were popular during free play. An assortment of cupcakes and biscuits were moulded from the dough whilst a variety of drinks were prepared in the home corner,  all of which  develop the children’s imagination.  
    “Ten Little Superheroes” fuelled the Squirrels excitement throughout the week as magic powers were compared and life saving scenarios reenacted.  Vocabulary developed as the children described  and compared their ideal super powers, then depicted their thoughts with great intricacy. One to one sessions have been embraced with a focus on letter formation and number sequencing. Our new light up electronic chalk board caught the children’s interest and they loved choosing the background colour before drawing and mark making. The chemical reaction experiment on Wednesday encouraged the children to share and predict possible outcomes before testing their theories. Everyone listened intently and were thoughtful in their predictions. The Squirrels turned their hands to “ haute couture” as they designed and made superheroes capes which they then modelled for the photo shoot.