• Nursery News - 13th September 2019

  • We are delighted that the children have quickly settled into their new groups since returning, or starting school.

    The Squirrels busily familiarised themselves with the new routine and classroom principles. We discussed the consequences of failing to follow these principles, such a falling over or hurting someone’s feelings.

    The Squirrels enjoyed sharing their summer holiday adventures and illustrating their favourite activity.  Many recalled visiting the beach as they played in our classroom beach scene, consisting of sand, pebbles, seaweed, shells and water. We also discussed modes of transport, climate and destinations. Our first Library trip was a tremendous success. The children loved exploring the books and participating in the story telling session, “Counting Birds” has inspired much of our learning throughout this week. Painting, using images of birds for inspiration and making number collages with feathers was the focus during Art. During Science we explored propulsion which involved making bird balloons and then predicting the outcomes of the experiment, such as which bird balloon would travel the furthest and fastest.  This trigged discussions and races between the groups.  Participating in a bird hunt around the classroom captured everyone’s interest. Having found the birds the children grouped them into species and then counted how many were in each set. We consolidated the lesson by matching sets of birds to numerals.  Finally we concluded the week with a threading activity to help refine our fine motor skills and hand eye coordination. Threading string into bird templates tested the children’s concentration as they listened to and followed instructions.

    During Free-Play our Vets surgery treated many animals brought in with varying ailments. Thankfully our capable young vets took great care of their patients and all were able to return home well.  The girls in particular frequently visit the dressing up rack first thing in the morning to choose their outfit for the day. The garage and small world cars were popular throughout the week and central to numerous storylines.

    The Kits have had a busy few days as they settle and become aquatinted with their new teachers and peers. The Red Kits have enjoyed refining their handwriting skills whilst tracing and writing their names. They also had the opportunity to share their holiday news which they did with increasing confidence and detail. They recapped their turn taking skills whilst listening to their peers before asking them questions about their adventures.  The children worked on counting skills and made numeral collages. Phonic and listening games are played regularly to develop literacy skills and are warmly received.

    We have loved meeting our new Kits and are most proud of how well they have settled.  Many of them have had fun playing outside in the sandpit and watering the plants. Painting and printing with shape cutters was popular amongst the children as they enjoyed getting messy.  Puzzles were tackled by many of the children and it was lovely to observe their perseverance as they completed them independently. The Oaktree Home Corner has had a stream of visitors making tea, preparing meals and packing and unpacking shopping bags.

    The Kits explored paper mâché whist creating props and models for small word play. They are in the process of compiling a landscape consisting of roads, hills and tunnels which they are looking forward to playing with next week.   Playdough, cutting and sticking activities were continually requested, all of which play a vital role in helping the children to refine their fine motor skills and hand eye co-ordination in preparation for handwriting.

    During Cookery we continued to focus on healthy eating habits and made smoothies and cheese crackers.  We are really pleased with the enthusiasm the children displayed in their first Sport’s session with Mr Alex and Yoga session with Miss Patricia. The Kits listened well and carefully followed the instructions and demonstrations.