• Nursery News - 13th March 2020

  • The Kits Group:

    Since our last update, the children have enjoyed celebrating World Book Day. Our weekly planning is inspired by different stories and it was lovely to dedicate an entire week to books in general.

    The Kits were so excited to bring their most treasured books to school and share their favourite stories with each other. During free play they were encouraged to recall and retell stories using loose parts to depict different scenes, making characters with play dough and using the small world toys to inspire imaginary play. Book characters influenced many activities during Art as the Kits made characters with salt dough which they then painted. Elsa, Dragons, Peter Rabbit and superheroes were firm favourites. Puppets were used to re-enact recent topics and nursery rhymes during our Drama session. These activities really do capture the children’s imagination and it is wonderful to watch their confidence grow week by week.

    Counting games and numeral recognition activities helped the children to hone their mathematical skills. Whilst making banana and orange bites, in cookery, they tested their weighing and measuring abilities. Making bookmarks by threading wool around a rectangle template helped to refine the children’s hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills together with patience and perseverance.

    The pinnacle of the week was “World Book Day” when everyone dressed as a character, from a favourite story which they went on to share with their friends. Learning throughout the week was linked to the promotion of British Values - Democracy and Cultural Capital. The children all showed mutual respect whilst they took turns listening to each other’s favourite stories.

    “Engines, Engines an Indian Counting Rhyme” was the focus of this week’s activities. Chosen because of the children’s love of trains which we then linked to all areas of development defined in the Early Years Foundation Stage. Much fun was experienced during art as the children drove small world trains over different materials - sand to represent the desert, blue tissue paper depicts the sea and leaves to create a jungle. Teachers introduced the children to new language and encouraged them to embellish storylines as they created collages. During Drama, we focused on imagination and co-ordination when the children formed an imaginary train which travelled to many destinations avoiding numerous obstructions!

    Number recognition and sequencing remained central to the Maths games. In cookery we made Garam Masala, the Kits took great interest in exploring the whole and ground spices which we bought from the supermarket on our Community Walk earlier in the week. The younger Kits used trains as a painting tool whilst being encouraged to verbalise where their train was heading. The older Kits were able to extend the topic story describing where the train would go next. They drew detailed pictures and traced a sentence to accompany their thoughts.

    Free play with babies has been very popular. The children have been dressed, bathed, changed, fed and taken them for walks. Such play helps develop, self -care, communication, language and social skills as well as imagination. The Kits have demonstrated an increased ability to share and take turns with the use of the sand timer.

    We are delighted to announce that Oaktree has achieved the Healthy Early Years London Bronze Award and would like to thank Miss Vicky for all her hard work and involvement in driving this initiative.


    The Squirrels Group:

    Since our last update, the children have enjoyed celebrating World Book Day. Our weekly planning is based on different stories and it was lovely to dedicate an entire week to books in general.

    Inspired by fairy tales and other fictional stories the children took turns to wave a magic wand to indicate it was their turn to share their weekend news at the beginning of the week.

    Estimation was the focus of our Maths activity. The children took turns guessing how many objects there were in a container. Their estimations became more accurate as the activity progressed with some getting it spot on. The Squirrels recorded their answers on their activity sheets to support number recognition and formation.

    Some of the Squirrels visited the 'Big Kids' in Dew Drop Inn on Tuesday. They took their favourite books with them and enjoyed either listening to the pensioners read to them or re-tell the story. We asked the 'Big Kids' what their favourite books were and recognised some of the titles including 'The Hungry Caterpillar'.

    On Thursday we celebrated “World Book Day”. The children were creative in their dressing up and it added to the children's imaginative play with fairies and knights joining rats and koalas in a variety of adventures. The children shared their favourite books with some able to re-tell their stories in great detail.

    On Friday we brought the outside into the classroom using pressed natural materials to create beautiful bookmarks. The children took time to select and place petals, leaves and blossom inside a frame before using the laminator to seal their creations.

    As part of “World Book Day’, we were invited to a special storytelling session at the library to celebrate the 'Spine' festival. We discussed how we could all be superheroes and ways to save our planet. The children were very well behaved and listened attentively throughout.

    During Free Play we continued to use the relaxation role play area to calm ourselves and spend time to be mindful of our emotions. Still Life drawing of spring daffodils and fruit with pastels allowed the children to develop their artistic talents.


    There's a Rang-Tan In My Bedroom was the platform for this week’s learning. The children honed their listening skills in weekend news. They listening to jungle animal noises and named the corresponding animal before sharing their news. Following this, the children illustrated their news and accompanied it with an explanation. Some of the children traced the sentences whilst others copied them, demonstrating an increasing ability to form letters accurately.

    Letters and sounds work in literacy has continued as the Squirrels consolidate letter recognition and identifying initial and end sounds in words. Phonic circle times also provide opportunities for the children to develop their letter formation, segmenting and blending words supporting early reading skills.

    In Science our ongoing conversations about the importance of the rainforest and how deforestation affects animal habitats inspired us to plant flowers which was linked to previous observations on what plants need to grow. The children have a good understanding that plants require sunlight, water and soil to gain nutrients, in order to thrive. This also provided the opportunity to develop vocabulary, naming the different parts of the flower.

    During Maths, we explored capacity, building on our recent focus on measurement. The children poured varying amounts of water into cups and used vocabulary such as full, half full and empty to describe the quantity. They consolidated the learning by ordering the amounts from full to empty.

    Today’s outdoor learning day took us to Tooting Bec Common. As the squirrels continue to develop their confidence outside they were encouraged to explore natural resources such as MUD! They used this to paint pictures of trees and other jungle life. We also explored colour matching whilst observing the different shades of green and brown that we found while looking for signs of spring.

    It was lovely to see those who could make it to The Squirrels Art exhibition. The children's artwork will be going home this week. If you would still like to make a donation please pass it to Miss Chantelle.

    We are delighted to announce that Oaktree has achieved the Healthy Early Years London Bronze Award and would like to thank Miss Vicky for all her hard work and involvement in driving this initiative.