• Nursery News - 11th October 2019

  • Squirrels Group:
    World Porridge Day was an enormous success. As you can see on the parent Tapestry system, the children created amazing porridge smiles. We recapped the importance of eating breakfast and the many benefits of a nutritious diet. Thank you for your generous donations.
    The Squirrels adored sharing the nursery with their Grandparents last Friday and we loved having them visit. We do hope everyone enjoyed the morning.  
    “The Trouble with Grandad” and “Goldilocks and the Three Bears” were focal to the Squirrels recent activities. The children painted the most amazing portraits of their Grandparents from photos. They were encouraged to pay particular attention to skin colour, facial expressions and accessories. During our Literacy session the children shared special times spent with their Grandparents. Our Community Walk took us to the supermarket to buy vegetables for a food tasting session and ingredients to make Anzac biscuits for the Grandparents' special visit. Everyone carefully measured the ingredients and prepared the mixture. After preparing them, all the Squirrels tasted the full range of vegetables, even if they had a previous dislike, and articulately voiced their views.
    Making clay bears tested the children’s hand and finger strength as they manipulated, squeezed and rolled the clay before using tools to add facial features. They also created collage Bears and Goldilocks faces using tissue paper, googly eyes, and wool.
    The Squirrels enjoyed retelling “ Goldilocks and the Three Bears” during Drama using props and their ever-increasing range of vocabulary. They also sequenced illustrations from the story, placed bears in various positions to develop their positional language and listening skills. The children were initially asked by the teachers to stand next to behind and in front of objects etc. and then followed their friends' instructions when placing bears around and in the dolls house.
To conclude our topic, the Squirrels worked in groups of three to design and build different sized chairs for the three bears with Lego, Jenga bricks, Duplo and large blocks.
    The “Oaktree Hair and Beauty Salon” was buzzing with activity and was particularly busy with Grandparents having blow dries and general pampering sessions. During free play the Pirate ship and safari animals captured the children’s imagination as they embellished and developed accompanying storylines.
    The Squirrels have been exploring the Deconstruction Area, taking apart laptops using screwdrivers and hex keys. They have all been fascinated with what they discovered inside.
    The Squirrels are spending next Friday 18th October on Tooting Common. We would be grateful if the children could wear warm clothing, coats, trainers or wellies. We ask that children arrive promptly on these days so that we can leave nursery on time.
    We break up on Friday 18th October for half term and return on Thursday 31st October. We wish everyone a well-deserved rest and look forward to welcoming you back for the run-up to Christmas.

    Kits Group:
    World Porridge Day was an enormous success. As you can see on Tapestry, the children created amazing porridge smiles. We recapped the importance of eating breakfast and the many benefits of a nutritious diet. Thank you for your generous donations.
    “How Do You Feel” and “Goldilocks and the Three Bears” inspired the Kits activities over the last fortnight. As you can imagine, emotions and feelings featured heavily throughout the activities. During Drama the Kits were encouraged to act out different emotions and express feelings. This led to further discussions later in the week, whilst studying and sorting pictures portraying emotions. We practiced our scissor skills as we cut around photos of our facial features and created a fun self-portrait with the noses, eyes and mouths. We encouraged everyone to add a narrative to their picture detailing what makes them happy, worried, sad, scared or excited. As the week progressed the children’s use of vocabulary in relation to feelings grew as they engaged in discussions when making puff pastry faces in Cookery and adding play dough features to laminated faces.

    In Maths we focused on routine, the past and future introducing language such as before, later, now and soon.
    This week our role-play area was transformed into “The Three Bears” cottage where many of our Goldilocks fed baby bear his porridge! Re-enacting “Goldilocks and the three bears” was the focus on Monday with many of the children joining in with the repeated refrains and anticipating which one was “just right”. During Art the Kits painted Goldilocks and the Bears on small, medium and big circles and also explored textures linked to the story which they made into collages. Size was also explored whilst making big and small towers. The Kits focused on descriptive language whilst exploring textures and refining their fine motor skills as they treaded wool through card to make “baby bear’s blankets.”

    The Outdoor Learning Environment was transformed into a construction site with budding developers designing and building houses, bridges and towers. They also went on to mend the gate and signs. We celebrated the start of Autumn in the OLE Cafe as “Conker Hot Chocolate” and “Leaf Pies” were served.