• Kits News - 8th January 2021

  • The Kits have had a short but great first week back at nursery. The children were very excited to see each other again after the Christmas break and they have been making the most of being able to socialise with their friends. We’ve particularly enjoyed hearing about everyone’s Christmas news and seeing each other’s new toys through our daily ‘Show and Tell’ sessions. 

    In Art we have been making gold and silver paintings and collages. The children were so excited to use these colours when celebrating Diwali and Christmas last year we thought we would reintroduce them in their first week back. The use of metallics has also given us the opportunity to explore descriptive language such as ‘glittery’ and ‘sparkly’ and it has definitely brightened up the start of the year!  

    Our new rainbow coloured sensory bottles, which we have introduced in the classroom, have been a hit with the children and they have enjoyed watching the objects sink and float in the different coloured fluids. It has been a great opportunity for us to ask open ended questions to the children and to contemplate with them as to why things happen the way they do. 

  • It has been cold outside while playing in the Outdoor Learning Environment, but we’ve wrapped up and kept warm by jumping, running around and dancing. The children have loved using our construction material so we decided to take them outside to help support imaginative role play outside. The tools were a great hit amongst the children who were busy playing with the tools and pretending to fix the climbing frame with the screwdrivers, drills and saws.

    In our Science lesson this week we made home-made ‘snow’ by mixing bicarbonate of soda with hair conditioner. The children developed their maths skills as they poured and measured the different ingredients. It was a wonderful activity to extend the children's fine motor skills too as they squashed and squeezed the ‘snow’ into different shapes. Everyone worked brilliantly as a group and it was great to see how many of the children had remembered our Classroom Principles by helping each other with the tasks and remembering to take turns. They enjoyed exploring the texture of the mixture and playing with it as it both stuck together and crumbled. We all agreed it definitely smelt lovely!