• Kits News - 6th November 2020

  • The Kits had a great week back after half term. Our topic book this week was Walter’s Wonderful Web by Tim Hopgood. The story is all about a spider who tries to build webs of different shapes but they all get blown away until eventually he builds a ‘Wonderful Web’ which contains all the different shapes together. The book was a great introduction to our learning and understanding of the different names and properties of shapes.

    We have had great fun embracing both spiders and shapes in our activities this week. The children have made their own spider’s web collages in Art, and we had lots of fun pretending to crawl around like spiders on a big web during Drama!

    In an activity set up to support and refine fine motor skills, the children showed great determination to succeed in picking spiders out of a web with tweezers and threading their own webs with wool on paper plates. They have loved tracing the lines to get to the spiders on the mark-making table and they are making amazing progress in developing their pen control. We focused on shapes during Maths, by picking them out of a web and naming them with our friends. This was then continued and extended outside by setting up an activity where the children practised naming and jumping onto the different shapes drawn on the floor in the Outdoor Learning Environment.


  • The children have loved our first week of ‘Animaphonics’ and our phoneme this week was ‘W’ in line with our topic book. They have been winding their hands around while making the sound for the ‘w’ phoneme and in our literacy focus time we looked at objects which start with ‘W’, focusing on alliteration and distinguishing the initial sound of a word. 

    While playing in the Outdoor Learning Environment the children have spent time exploring the climbing frame and engaged in role play with the kitchen set up, pretending to make soup with the rain drops they caught in the bowls and plates. We were very excited to find a real spider, which we then observed in more detail. We discussed its anatomy, what it ate and where it lives. It was very big and hairy and we decided that after looking at it we would put it at the bottom of the drain pipe so it could climb up it like Incy Wincy!

    The role-play area has been set up as a Doctor’s Surgery this week and the children have been very busy writing prescriptions, listening to heart beats and giving each other stickers for being brave!