• Kits News - 4th December 2020

  • This week the Kits have been preparing for Christmas. The role-play area has been set up as a Christmas Home Corner, filled with decorations and a Christmas tree.  The children have been busy decorating our Christmas tree with baubles and tinsel. The kitchen area has been filled with natural objects and pieces of tinsel as well as pots and pans. the children have used them to make all sorts of delicious meals such as pasta and in one case,  “soup for the monster”. Having the natural objects in the Home Corner instead of plastic toy food has given the children more opportunity to use their imagination in their role-play and has supported the extension of their language skills.

    We have continued to complete our Christmas cards and bags in Art and everyone is very excited to be taking them home next week.

  • The Christmas theme has continued during the week and we refined our fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination by using scissors, sellotape and wrapping paper to wrap up blocks as Christmas presents.

    In Cookery we made delicious Christmas granola. We discussed all the different ingredients that went into the granola and explored our senses as we talked about what they looked, felt and smelt like. We also continued to develop our hand strength by using spoons to scoop and stir all of the ingredients.

    The children have enjoyed playing with the Christmas decorations, including baubles, stars and tinsel and have used them to decorate their own Christmas tree. We explored filling and emptying pots in Maths and extended the activity for the older children by weighing the Christmas decorations. We have continued to incorporate literacy into the provision of our learning in all areas. In the Home Corner, we have had Christmas catalogues out for the children to look though and in our literacy Focus Time we have been practising writing the initial letters from our names. We have also written phonemes from our Animaphonics scheme on the Christmas tree baubles. 

  • In Music we have been practising for our Christmas Concert and have been enjoying singing all of the Christmas songs with great enthusiasm. We had our weekly Sports session with Coach Pedro and the children have made the most of being able to run around with him as well as playing outside, despite the weather.