• Kits News - 29th January 2021

  • This week our topic book was 'The Perfect Square' by Michael Hall. In the story there is a square who starts off happy but then on each day of the week it gets ripped, cut or shattered. However, when this happens the square re-invents itself into something new such as a river or a mountain. In the end the square is not happy being a square anymore and turns itself into a window. The book is extremely colourful and was a great book to encourage the children's creativity of the different ways shapes can be transformed into all types of wonderful objects with a little imagination.

    The children have all embraced this week's Art activity which was based around the story. They used a variety of scissors which cut in different ways such as leaving zig-zag or wavy lines, to cut their own ‘perfect squares’ to pieces. Afterwards, they stuck the squares back together to make their own re-inventions and creations. The children came up with lots of original ideas including turning their squares into aeroplanes, rivers and boats!

    We continued our focus on shapes during our Maths focus time. The younger children played with squares in shaving foam and the older Kits extended the lesson to also explore 3D shapes. We compared the differences between the shapes, discussing how many sides each shape has and where we can see these shapes in the world around us.

  • In the Outdoor Learning Environment the Kits enjoyed searching for and jumping on shapes. We continued to explore shapes further in our Cookery Focus Time; the children used knives to spread cream cheese onto square crackers, and decorated them with round olive slices and sliced peppers to make faces. We discussed the. different emotions of our faces, describing whether they were happy or sad faces. This was also a great opportunity to strengthen the children's fine motor skills and to recap our understanding of how to use knives.

    The topic book also focuses on emotions and so, taking inspiration from this, we explored our feelings further in our Communication and Language Focus Time. The children looked at the emotion board in our classroom and discussed with their teachers and peers what makes them happy, sad, cross or shy. 

    Our Role Play area has been set up as the ‘Oaktree Café’ for the week and the Kits have been busy serving each other lots of delicious food and drinks. Role play is a great opportunity for the children to develop their social skills, imagination and their communication and language as they talk to each other and their teachers. We also incorporated other areas of the Early Years Foundation Stage into our role play areas and the children had the opportunity to look at menus and write down their own orders which helps the development of their literacy skills.