• Kits News - 22nd January 2021

  • This week our topic book was ‘There’s a Dragon in Your Book’ by Tom Fletcher. It is an interactive book where the children are needed participate in the story to help put out the fire the dragon has made by performing actions such as clapping or waving. The children have been very engaged in the story and they have loved being actively involved in performing along to it during our Circle Times. 

    The fire fighters’ hats have always been one of the children's most popular items in our dressing up collection at nursery. This week we embraced the firefighting profession by setting up our role play area set as a fire station where there were opportunities for the children to dress up in our fire fighter outfits, listen out for emergency phone calls and get their team ready to put out fires!

    In our Drama Focus Time on Monday we pretended to be fire fighters with the children. One half of the group pretended they needed help and the other half put on their fire fighter hats and came to the rescue to save them. It was a great opportunity to demonstrate role play to the children and they have taken that learning on during free play where they have continued to re-enact coming to the rescue of their friends, both inside and in the Outdoor Learning Environment.

    In our Science Focus Time, we continued to develop our understanding of fire safety. We experimented with candles and explored what fire needs to burn. The children poured water over one candle, starved another one of oxygen by placing a jar over the top of it and observed how and why fire goes out when it runs out of fuel. During the session we recapped our understanding of fire safety and reminded the children why we need to stay away from flames. 

    Our Animaphonics phoneme for the week was ‘f’ and the children have loved listening to the rhyme which accompanies the phoneme about ‘Fireman Frog’. The action for the phoneme is to pretend to put out a fire with a hose and the children have enjoyed making the ‘f’ sound as they put out imaginary flames. We focused on the ‘f’ phoneme further during our Communication and Language Focus Time, where children explored different objects with start with the ‘f’ sound. 

    In response to the children's enjoyment of using water in our Science activity we decided to extend this to our other Focus Time activities by using spray bottles of water. In Maths, the children used the bottles to sprayed different corresponding numerals in the Outdoor Learning Environment and they were so popular that we have had them in the Outdoor Learning Environment every day since then. The children have used them to clean the windows, clean the plastic cars and make the drips of water on the slide from the rain even bigger! They have been using their fingers to squeeze the triggers on the spray bottles which is a really great activity to develop the children’s hand strength and fine motor skills.