• Kits News - 16th October 2020

  • This week our topic book is Another by Christian Robinson. The story is about a little girl who in her dream goes through a magical hole in her bedroom wall and arrives into a world where everyone has another person who looks like them. It has been a great platform to celebrate diversity and open discussion around the similarities and differences between us all. The story has also supported our teaching around identity and the development of the children’s understanding of their own identity as well as the concept of ‘Individual Liberty’ which links to teaching of British Values. 

    During our Communication and Language Focus Time we used the story as a springboard to discuss some of the different characteristics we and our families have and in Maths we explored the idea of identity by grouping objects by categories such as animal or human. We used the topic book and the part of the story where the little girl was dreaming to inspire our Drama lesson where the children danced with scarves to calm lullaby music while also re-enacting bedtime routines such as cleaning our teeth, finding our favourite cuddly toy, giving our Mummies and Daddies a cuddle and curling up into bed.

    We’ve have been continuing to celebrate and discuss the change of seasons this week and enjoyed talking about Autumn during our Science Focus Time. The children studied a range of different leaves, exploring the various sizes and textures before making some amazing different collages with them.

  • We have continued to focus on developing the children’s fine motor skills and our bubble system has enabled us to facilitate small group sessions on sticking, cutting, writing and engaging in practical life exercises which has supported the refinement of the children's hand eye coordination. 

    The role-play area has been set up as a Fire Station this week and the children have had great fun pretending to put out fires and drive fire engines. The theme has continued on through reading books about fire fighters, building Fire Stations from blocks and drawing fire engines on the floor with chalks in the Outdoor Learning Environment. 

    Next week our topic book will be From Head to Toe by Eric Carle where we will be learning the song which accompanies the book and have the opportunity to enhance our acting by pretending to be all the different animals in it.