• Kits News - 13th November 2020

  • This week the Kits have been learning about, and celebrating, the Hindu ‘Festival of Light’, Diwali

    In Drama we had lots of fun dancing and playing instruments to Indian music. The children enjoyed this so much that the next day we decided to take the instruments outside with us so that we could make our own songs! 

    During Art we embraced the Indian art of Rangoli. The children had the opportunity to make their own Rangoli in various different ways. We were able to make Rangoli pictures using both sand and glue and also by painting paper doilies different colours. We talked about the different shapes and patterns we were making. This was extended in our Maths Focus Time where the children continued making different coloured patterns with the Loose Parts. The children used a combination of the natural objects and gems to create patterns, lines and other arrangements. We talked about the sizes and shapes of the objects as well as counting them to develop the children's numerical skills and understanding.

  • On Wednesday Miss Binita held a Diwali workshop for us. She taught the children about the Diwali story which was about a Prince called Rama and a beautiful Princess called Sita. Princess Sita was taken away by the evil Ravana, but was finally rescued by Rama. We all looked at how Miss Binita was dressed up in her beautiful sari. She described how everyone dresses up for Diwali and wears lovely jewellery and explained that everyone places a bindi on their forehead. Miss Binita talked about the special types of food and sweets cooked for Diwali including a delicious coconut sweet called Barfi. She also showed us Rangoli patterns which are usually created by using coloured sand. We took turns to look at diva pots which are used to light up candles. 

    We made vegetable samosas during Cookery and the children developed their cutting skills by using a plastic knife to cut pre-cooked vegetables. They carefully mixed all the ingredients together to make the filling and then folded over the pastry to create their samosa parcel. The role-play area this week has been set up as an Indian restaurant and the children have used the loose parts and metal pans and jugs to make a variety of different meals for both themselves and their teachers.